Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you prepare food for your friends and family, and is a central conversation hub where you share thoughts and memories with others.

Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen? Are you happy with its style and feel? Would you like to improve the layout and efficiency of your kitchen? Would you like to update your appliances, taps and other hardware?

Wonderful Kitchens offers high-quality designer kitchens that will improve your lifestyle, add style and elegance to your home, and increase its value! Check out our modern and provincial kitchen galleries, showcasing our expert design. We have more than 40 years’ experience in kitchen design and manufacturing, and we are proud of our high-quality craftsmanship.

Importantly, we design custom-built kitchens to suit all decors and aesthetic tastes – with both provincial and modern kitchen designs. Our provincial and modern kitchen galleries offer great design ideas, and we hope they provide inspiration for your dream kitchen!

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    Provincial Kitchen Gallery

    Provincial Kitchen Gallery

    Inspired by homes in the French countryside, Provincial Kitchens are the ultimate in elegance, opulence and artistry. Our Provincial Kitchen Gallery showcases some of our finest designs, combining luxurious wooden cabinetry, vintage-inspired tapware and rustic colours, textures and finishes.

    Provincial Kitchens can be designed in a traditional style, given a contemporary twist, and everything in between. For example, someone who wants a truly traditional provincial kitchen could deck out the entire space with older style hardware, focusing on earthy tones such as wood finishes and exposed brick. A more contemporary look might incorporate sleek finishes such as glass splashbacks and modern appliances.

    Provincial Kitchens also allow the homeowner to have all the elegance and timelessness of an older style kitchen while still having the functionality of modern-day appliances. Today, there are even ovens, fridges and sinks that function just like any modern appliance and are designed to be visually similar to their old, country-style counterparts.

    Have a browse through our provincial kitchen gallery to see how you can incorporate this fine artistry into your new kitchen. Our kitchen design gallery has a number of examples of our recent design and installation projects that range in styles from truly traditional to more contemporary.

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    Modern Kitchen Gallery

    A Modern Kitchen embodies contemporary style, with a sleek, effortlessly elegant design – plus a touch of individuality. Our Modern Kitchen Gallery showcases some of our gorgeous Modern Kitchens, featuring streamlined surfaces, integrated appliances and stylish splash backs. 

    Wonderful Kitchens’ modern designs feature streamlined surfaces, with few visible joins and practical under-bench sinks with hidden edges in an open plan style. Hidden appliances lend themselves to this look, with integrated front panels hiding fridges, dishwashers and smaller appliances.

    A sleek splash back is a great way to show off some flair and creativity. Selecting the same material as your benchtop creates a modern look, particularly when using natural materials like marble or granite. And if you’re thinking of including an island in your kitchen, continuing with the same materials will increase the modern design style.

    Modern Kitchen Gallery
    Modern Kitchen Design and Renovation

    Our range of feature lighting is also a great way to show off your Modern Kitchen. Over-bench lights create brighter workspaces, while overhead pendants or halogens help finish off the look. Sleek cabinetry, with hidden handles, or angled ‘finger pulls’ are a great design feature to any modern design by Wonderful Kitchens.

    At Wonderful Kitchens, we provide homeowners with all the modern options and design features, while incorporating the functionality of the latest appliances and practical solutions. 

    Browse through our Modern Kitchen Gallery to be inspired by all the options at your fingertips. Our Modern Kitchen Gallery features many different examples of recent Wonderful Kitchens designs and installations. There’s something here for everyone! 

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    Whether you’re looking for a Provincial Kitchen or a Modern Kitchen, you’re sure to be inspired by our Wonderful Kitchens Design Gallery.

    We have everything you need, to create a warm, practical kitchen at the centre of your home.

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