6 Clever Design Hacks For Small Bathrooms

>>>>6 Clever Design Hacks For Small Bathrooms

6 Clever Design Hacks For Small Bathrooms

There are times when more is less.  And just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, practical and stylish.  There are loads of clever ideas out there for turning small bathrooms into little pieces of luxury – yours doesn’t need to be a huge expanse of marble and glass.  In fact, the compact bathroom is becoming more common…



Step one: decide what you need to achieve in the given space.  Think about practical flow and layout.  Include storage spaces.  We get it: there’s a ton of stuff that needs to be on hand in the bathroom.  From spare linen to toothpaste, make-up and toilet rolls. There always seems to be more that needs to be stored than there is space to store it!  When space is the challenge, you’ll need to think outside the box!

So, to make your job a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of 6 clever design hacks that might get your creative ideas going:


1.Space Saving Fixtures

When every inch counts, you need to look for small baths, toilets, hand basins and showers.  And, if you’re prepared to shop around and think smart, you can generally find what you’re looking for! You may wish to opt for a toilet with an inbuilt cistern. (This will save a decent chunk of space) or a  shower mounted over the bath.  Wall mounted taps remove the need for a wide ledge at the back of the basin. While wall mounted basin units create the illusion of space because the floor area underneath is uncluttered.


This is perhaps one of the most important design elements of your small bathroom: colour can literally be the make or break factor.  Dark colours make an area feel smaller, whereas light colours make it feel bigger.  So, if you are trying to make the space feel as big as possible, we recommend you opt for a light palette: cream, white, light grey, pastels…


3.Storage Recesses

A tiled recess in the shower area or over the bath can be used as both a beautiful feature and a clever storage space.  They can be easily integrated into both the traditional and the modern bathroom, and add a subtle touch of glamour and sophistication.



Every bathroom needs light.  And small bathrooms are no exception.  Utilize natural light as much as possible: perhaps a floor to ceiling window or a skylight or roof window if the room is internal. Ensure that there are enough electric lights to create that bright and airy feel at night – what about feature lighting over the mirror or pendant lights for that extra ‘wow’ factor?


We all know that mirrored surfaces create the illusion of extra space.  So why not make your small bathroom feel bigger than it really is? By hanging a large wall mirror or installing cabinets with mirror doors?  As well as being stylish and elegant, mirrors reflect the light and help to create that uncluttered feel that you need in a small area.


6.Smart Storage

When it comes to storage, you need to think smart.  Wall mounted shelves, free-standing caddies, baskets, drawers, and cabinets – the options are endless!  Think about how you can re-purpose items you already have to help cut costs.  And don’t forget areas such as the back of the bathroom door for extra storage space…


At Wonderful Kitchens, we’re familiar with all the tricks of the trade when it comes to small bathrooms.  And we’re only too glad to share our secrets with our customers!  Call us on (02)9772 2988 and chat to one of our team members about how to make your small bathroom the perfect little sanctuary!


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