Modern Kitchens Offer Streamlined Elegance

Modern refers a specific design style that emerged during the early to mid-twentieth century. Modern design moved away from the pre-industrial and traditional styles of the days prior to the industrial revolution and embraced the new materials, like laminate and stainless steel, that allowed for greater functionality.  Design became streamlined, minimalist and less ornate. Modern kitchen design shifted towards the use of clean lines, open spaces, natural and textural surfaces combined with manufactured materials.

Moden Kitchen Design

A carefully considered kitchen layout that provides an efficient work space is vital for achieving a modern kitchen design. Appliances should be arranged so that your workflow is easy and efficient, and so that you retain that all-important uncluttered appearance. Modern kitchens often incorporate an open floor plan and typically integrate handle-less cabinets to create a streamlined appearance. Modern lighting matched with sculptural decorative items is also very important in complementing the modern kitchen style.

Simplicity, Functionality and Balance

Wonderful Kitchens specialise in modern kitchen design and we are committed to creating sophisticated spaces that bring together the best of modern style with contemporary materials and technologies.

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