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A well-designed kitchen splashback can make an amazing addition to any kitchen. Not only do they do the tough work of catching the flecks of pasta sauce, oils and residue that fly out of your pots and pans, but they can also make a huge impact on the design of the space.

Choosing the right splashback can turn your kitchen from conventional to sensational, giving it a pop of colour, a hint of texture or a flair of personality.

A new kitchen splashback can provide an entirely new look and feel in your home. Below is our guide to help you choose the perfect kitchen splashback to make your space come to life.

What are Kitchen Splashbacks?

A kitchen splashback is the material on the wall above the sink, cooktop or benchtop that protects the wall from oil, grease, splashes, and other kitchen messes that occur when you are cooking or preparing food. 

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What Types of Kitchen Splashbacks are Available? 

There are many different materials, colours and textures you can choose from when deciding on your kitchen splashback. There is something out there for every budget, and each will create a different effect on the final styling of the space. 

If you’re doing a full kitchen renovation, you’ll want to design and choose the materials for the rest of your kitchen first, so that your splashback fits in with the overall style. Doing this will make your choice much easier, as it can be overwhelming once you realise how many kitchen splashback options are out there! 

If you’re just doing a small refresh of the kitchen and won’t be making any major changes, you can update your kitchen splashback to give the room some new life. Here, you can narrow your selection down based on your existing design and whether you want the new splashback to complement or contrast what you already have. 

In this article, we’ll explore 7 of the most popular kitchen splashback materials in detail.


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    Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks

    Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks

    Tiles are a common kitchen splashback material due to their relatively low cost and ability to match just about any aesthetic choice. They’re also easy to install and maintain – usually a simple wipe down while cleaning your kitchen will do the trick.

    When using tiles, you can choose between many different shapes, colours and patterns to create a truly individualised design and feel. You can use anything from original vintage tiles to brand new ones and can even create a mosaic pattern to make your kitchen truly your own. 

    Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

    Glass kitchen splashbacks are one of the most timeless and sophisticated choices on the market today. They are becoming ever more popular as they are extremely hygienic and easy to keep clean. Their sleek and seamless surface – without visual interruption – is the ultimate in elegance. Their virtually unlimited colour range makes also makes them the one of the most versatile kitchen splashback choices.

    Glass kitchen splashbacks need to be made of toughened glass to ensure they can handle the heat from your cooktop. For this reason, installing a DIY glass kitchen splashback isn’t recommended. If your toughened glass splashback breaks, it will crumble into small pieces instead of breaking off into shards like standard glass would, minimising risks.

    When choosing a glass kitchen splashback, you’ll have a near-unlimited number of choices. The first option is to pick a coloured glass splashback. Check with your local kitchen designer to see what they have available. You can also have an image or pattern digitally printed on the back of the glass to give it its own unique flair.

    Additionally, depending on the position of your kitchen, you could have a glass window splashback. Window splashbacks open and brighten up the kitchen, making it a warm and inviting environment.  

    Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

    Laminex Metaline Kitchen Splashbacks

    Laminex has introduced the Metaline splashback range which is crafted using an advanced fire-retardant aluminium composite panel. Combined with a high gloss paint system, the highly durable surface is both heat and water resistant which means the splashback can be used behind gas and electric cooktops. The Laminex Metaline splashback is sleek and modern, giving the kitchen a sheek yet minimalist design. 

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashbacks

    If you’re looking for a very modern style in your kitchen splashback, stainless steel will provide the streamlined image you’re after. Stainless steel kitchen splashbacks are very easy to maintain and clean but can show smudges, fingerprints and watermarks. 

    Stainless steel kitchen splashbacks also bring a contemporary, industrial feel, highlighting the fact that it is an extremely durable, hygienic choice.

    You may be surprised to learn that a stainless steel kitchen splashback may also help your kitchen to feel larger. By reflecting light back into the space, stainless steel kitchen splashbacks give an illusion of space, making the area feel more open, airier and larger. 

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashback
    Stone Kitchen Splashback

    Stone Kitchen Splashbacks

    For those who are after a more opulent look in their kitchen, a stone splashback may be just what you’re looking for. Stone kitchen splashbacks create a seamless and opulent look, providing continuity of colour, limited joins and minimal grouting. Stone kitchen splashbacks are low maintenance and easy to clean and can be installed at the same time as the benchtop. Stone is also one of the most stain, crack, scratch, chemical and heat resistant kitchen splashback materials available. 

    Butterfly-effect marble is a popular option for stone kitchen splashbacks. Rather than a singular piece of stone, which runs along the wall, the butterfly-effect is created by mirroring two pieces of stone, cut from one piece of marble. While this look may not be for everyone, it can be quite striking, forming an interesting feature in your kitchen.

    While stone and marble are less common kitchen splashback materials in Australia, they’re very popular in Europe. Use the same stone material on your bench as your kitchen splashback, to create a uniform, elegant and opulant look. 

    Mosaic Kitchen Splashbacks

    Have you considered a mosaic kitchen splashback? Mosaics can be a brilliant focal piece. Created by small kitchen splashback tiles laid out in sheet form, mosaics can create some truly stunning effects. One of the drawbacks is that there is a lot of grout which needs to be kept clean but if you’re looking for a kitchen splashback which looks amazing, mosaic is a fantastic option.  

    Mosaic Kitchen Splashback
    Mirrored Kitchen Splashbacks

    Mirrored Kitchen Splashbacks

    Mirrored kitchen splashbacks can really open up the kitchen! The mirror will reflect light back into the area, as well as underneath any overhead cabinetry, adding light and a feeling of space to your kitchen. 

    The latest in mirrored kitchen splashback technology eliminates material defects which have been common in the past. Mirrored kitchen splashback materials have really improved, which means you no longer have to put up with spots, watermarks and other defects that detract from the striking beauty of mirror.

    If a fully reflective mirror isn’t your thing, mirrored kitchen splashbacks are also available with tints, forming a dramatic ambience. With options ranging from darker grey to rose gold and even distressed antique look, there’s a finish for everyone. 

    All mirrored kitchen splashback materials have been created with safety and style in mind. Made from safety glass which has been treated in the same way as toughened glass, mirrored kitchen splashbacks are a fantastic choice!  

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    Splashback Precautions

    It’s important to ensure the safety of your kitchen splashbacks. Several problems and health risks can be associated with incorrectly or poorly placed cooktops.

    When installing an electric or induction cooktop, whether freestanding or bench mounted, it is important that there is at least 50mm between the back edge of the cooktop and the kitchen splashback.

    Gas cooktops, freestanding or bench mounted, require 200mm between the back edge of the cooktop and the kitchen splashback, according to the AS/NZ standards,  AS5601-2004.

    These Australian Standard Regulations would in most cases require a non standard bench and cupboard depth of 700mm to be compliant. 

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