Are you about to embark on a kitchen renovation?  Congratulations!  It’s certainly an exciting journey and one you want to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Maybe you already have a pretty sound plan of what you want in your new kitchen.  Maybe you are approaching this project with an open mind and still looking for inspiration.  Or maybe you fit somewhere in between, with some ideas, but not a complete picture in your mind.  Whatever the case, visiting a kitchen showroom is a must before you launch into your renovation.  It’ll help you imagine your finished project, confirm your ideas and maybe give you some new ones too!

kitchen showroom

Virtual room design Vs. Kitchen showroom experience

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology and virtual room designing, we do so much online.  We also browse products and make purchases from our smart devices without having to leave the house.  And hey, we get it – it’s convenient, time efficient and practical.  But nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like walking into a kitchen showroom to give you that ‘real feel’ of your finished kitchen. Despite the new digital age, physical touch and feel still make up a huge part of our sensory experience and this just can’t be done quite the same online.

Visiting a kitchen showroom gives you a great idea of what’s in fashion at the moment.  And not only that, a professional can give you a sneak preview of trends that are coming up in the near future too!  That way you’ll be sure that yours is one that’s right up there with the best in style and design.

kitchen showroom

One step closer to making informed decisions

A visit to a showroom allows you to make intelligent and properly informed decisions regarding your new kitchen.  First and foremost, you’ll have the knowledge and advice of a consultant to guide and assist you – there’s simply nothing like experience to help you avoid making common or costly mistakes.   And although you might have spent hours researching online, there’s no substitute for physically seeing products, colours, appliances and hardware in real life. Sometimes the real deal is quite different to what you can see on a screen, and, down the track, you’ll be ‘ever-so-glad’ you took the pains to check it out properly before you made your final decision.

Your kitchen renovation needs to add value to your home and to do that you must have quality workmanship.  Visiting a showroom allows you to meet the team that will be handling your new project and assess the nature of their work.


Where can you find us?

Wonderful Kitchens has a stunning kitchen showroom in Sydney in Padstow. It offers a huge range of products and designs and are simply a pleasure to experience.  Our staff are friendly, helpful and professional, and with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can turn your dream kitchen into a reality.