What will our homes look like in the future? – there’s enough ideas out there to sink a ship! Some designers predict modern takes on old ideas; some imagine living spaces that look like they’ve emerged from the realms of science fiction.  But there’s one thing of which you can be certain: regardless of what else changes, we’ll still need to eat.  So, our homes will still need kitchens!

Modern Kitchen Island Bench

A few minutes spent researching on the internet will uncover some crazy predictions.  With the plethora of technology available (and still being developed), there are some weird and wonderful opinions on what our lives will become.  With drones buzzing through the air delivering goods ordered online, domestic robots helping with the housework and solar-powered homes floating on water, there’s not many things that haven’t been dreamed up by someone!

But for now, let’s keep this discussion in the realms of reality.


Kitchens of the future are predicted to become more functional, more practical and even more important in our houses.  As the emphasis within our homes shifts from designated areas for separate activities to a more seamlessly integrated living space, the kitchen will serve as a cooking area, entertaining space and general relaxation and socializing zone.  With more and more people working from home, kitchen design will accommodate both office areas and food prep spaces.

Digital Integration

Digital integration is already making its presence felt in many homes around the world.  Smart appliances, security, and temperature control are making everyday living more convenient, more flexible and more budget friendly.  For example, the ability to monitor and control energy consumption is a big-ticket saver for the average homeowner – being able to remotely adjust temperature control means maximum comfort with minimum spending.

Modern Kitchen Island Bench


The last few years have seen us advance from touch screens to voice-activated technology.  So, it’s easy to believe designers predictions that as our everyday activities continue to merge with the online world, kitchen appliances will continue to advance and become fully integrated into our smart home systems.  Fridges that send you a message when they need defrosting; coffee machines that can be operated remotely so you’ve got a cuppa ready when you get home; ovens that notify your smart device when your meal is cooked.  All these concepts are designed to make your home life and culinary experience less stressful, more convenient and more practical.  Whether they ever really get off the ground remains to be seen…

Smart-er Devices

Apart from smart devices, technology is set to take other areas of our homes up a notch: tiles with built-in self-cleaning functions and hands-free taps will make cleaning easier and help reduce the spread of germs.



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