Our Top Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen For Resale

>>>>Our Top Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen For Resale

Planning to sell your property? Now’s the time to step back and look at every area of your home as your prospective buyer will see it: take out the emotion; distance yourself from the memories and sentimentality and look at each room as it really is.  Chances are you’ll need to do a bit of sprucing up before you list the place on the open market, and we’re going to let you in one of the biggest secrets of selling your home: if there’s going to be a ‘make or break’ room in your house, it’s likely to be the kitchen.

Why is the kitchen so important when selling a home?

Kitchens of today are more than just a place to prep the family’s meals.  They’ve become a social gathering point, a place to exchange the news of the day and an area for relaxation and fun.  Many families spend a large proportion of their time at home in the kitchen so it’s important that yours appeals to your potential buyer: it needs to be functional, welcoming and attractive.  Many buyers out there want a home they can move straight into without having to do any renovations.  If your kitchen is shabby, this might be enough to turn them away: to some people, the idea of remodeling a kitchen is just too daunting.


How can I spruce up my kitchen without spending too much?

We get it: you don’t want to spend too much on your home when you’re about to sell it.  And you may well be asking yourself “do kitchen renovations pay off?”  Luckily there are plenty of ways to give your kitchen a face-lift without doing too much damage to your back pocket!

If the basics of your cabinetry are still sound and functional, these tips will help you breathe new life into your kitchen in no time:

1.    Paint

A fresh coat of paint will do magic to that tired old woodwork!  We recommend a light, neutral color palette for two reasons: firstly, because you don’t know the taste of your potential buyer and neutral colors are generally acceptable and secondly because it helps to make the space feel larger and brighter.

do kitchen renovations pay off?

2.    Hardware

You’ll be surprised how much more modern your kitchen will look with new hardware: hinges and handles are used every day, and a new set will transform the aesthetics of your cabinetry.


3.    Benchtop

Your benchtop is the workhorse of the kitchen.  It gets used for anything and everything, so little wonder it looks a bit worn and scratched!  Replacing the benchtop is generally not a big job, and nowadays the huge range of laminates available means that you can achieve nearly any look you wish without spending a whole lot!  Alternatively, why not consider refacing the existing benchtop with an engineered stone product?


4.    Lights

Nobody likes a dingy kitchen.  If you think yours could do with a little extra light, consider replacing the existing lights for something brighter, or add in an extra pendant or ceiling light if needed. Installing a skylight is a job that can be done by the average DIYer and believe us when we say it’ll make a massive difference to the overall feel of the whole room!


For more tips on renovating your kitchen for resale, call the team at Wonderful Kitchens on (02) 9772 2988.  Our staff can help you create a kitchen that your potential buyer will simply love.

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