How To Survive A Kitchen Renovation – The 3 Ps

>>>>How To Survive A Kitchen Renovation – The 3 Ps

If you want to make it through your kitchen renovation with your sanity intact, you’ll have to grit your teeth and make the best of it.  Nobody likes the dust, the noise, and the chaos, but thankfully there are things you can do to make your life easier and get through without having to alter your daily schedule too much.  You need to:

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • and be Positive

You’ve been dreaming about this kitchen reno for ages, right?!  And although you love thinking about the end result and how gorgeous it’s going to be, the reality is that you and your family have to get through the renovation stage and carry on normal daily life as best as you can.  Don’t despair!  I’ve got some good news for you: it’s not as hard as it seems.  With some thoughtful planning, you’ll get through this difficult time like a pro!

Kitchen With Island benches

Although everything doesn’t always go strictly to plan, planning is a way of mentally preparing yourself for what’s ahead.

  1. If you can, plan to do your kitchen renovation in the summer.  You’ll likely have to discuss this with your Kitchen designer/kitchen company months in advance so that they can slot you in during this time.


  1. Once you know when your old kitchen is going to be demolished, plan a trip away over these few days.  That way you’ll be out of the worst of the dust, noise, and  If you have little children, it means that they won’t be in the builder’s way.

kitchen with island benches


  1. Eat Up

In the weeks before the renovation starts, plan your menus to use up as much food as possible from your pantry, freezer, and fridge, rather than buying extra goods.  The more you can use up, the less you’ll have to shift out of the kitchen.


  1. Pack Away

Make a collection of your essential utensils, plates, cutlery etc and pack the rest of it away.  Store it somewhere for the duration, ready to be unpacked into the new kitchen soon!


  1. Temporary Kitchen

Set up a temporary kitchen in a separate room of the house – a bedroom, the laundry or a living zone.  All you need is a small bench area, some room for boxes to keep foodstuffs in and a small fridge.  Move your microwave, kettle, toaster, sandwich press and any other appliances you think you’ll need into your makeshift kitchen area.


  1. Simple Meals

During the time of the renovations, plan and prepare simple meals.  Buy your groceries in small lots so you don’t have so much to store.  Plan menus that can be cooked using the barbecue, microwave and sandwich press.  Treat yourself and your family to the occasional meal out – it’s nice to sit down to a meal in a quiet, orderly place… and not have to wash up the dishes in the laundry sink!

Kitchen layouts

Be Positive

Try to stay focused on the big picture: the renovation is a relatively short time, and all the inconvenience and disruption won’t last for ever.  In fact, it’ll make you appreciate your new kitchen even more!

Smile, keep cheerful and make the most of every day!  Take plenty of photos so that in time, you can look back and laugh at how you lived for those few weeks.


At Wonderful Kitchens, we’re committed to helping you get through your renovation with minimal disruption to family life.  Call us on 02 9772 2988 and ask our team for more tips on how to survive your kitchen re-hash.


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