From Shabby To Chic- Kitchen Remodels On A Budget

>>From Shabby To Chic- Kitchen Remodels On A Budget

From Shabby To Chic- Kitchen Remodels On A Budget

When most people think of kitchen improvements, they also think of the big numbers that tend to come with it and the cash that they may not have to inject into the project. Often, we forget that little budget-friendly improvements can make a big impact overall and can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen without a big price tag.

Change the cabinets

Opting to change up the cabinets can transform the feel and design of the kitchen. Now I know what you’re thinking, cabinets are costly. There are a few options to this that are budget friendly. You can choose to just paint the cabinet fronts a different colour. This can freshen up the kitchen without a huge investment. If you are looking to spend a little more money, you can also do something like just changing out the cabinet doors, or removing portions of them and replacing it with glass inserts to make the cabinets feel more open and spacious. Another option is to remove the upper cabinets and replace them with open concept shelving which is a much more chic look.

Update your benchtops and backsplash

Another budget-friendly kitchen improvement is to replace your old dated benchtops. The style of your benchtop can often give away the year in which the kitchen was done. Choosing a neutral stone or laminate benchtop can update the entire space with minimal investment.

In addition to the benchtops, you can also consider changing your splashback. Splashbacks can become dirty and dated over the lifetime of a kitchen. Adding a new high contrast one, or a different colour one can change the feel of the kitchen, with minimal cost or labour. Even just adding accent tiles in your current splashback can update and renew it and give it a whole new look.

Modernise your floor

Speaking of tiles, changing up your floors can be a big kitchen improvement. Your floors are walked on daily, get stuff spilt on them, and all sorts of dings and scratches. After a while, all the daily life and grind leaves them not looking their best. Putting in new flooring can open up an entire space. Changing the colours and tile type, or the material type can make your kitchen feel brand new. Life circumstances may have also changed since your current floor which can open up new material options. Many parents of young children or pets opt for a less expensive style of flooring due to the abuse and wear it will take in the younger years. As children age, we can always look to more expensive types of flooring to update the space.

A fresh coat of paint can also do wonders. It’s something you can tackle in a weekend, and doesn’t take a whole lot of time.

Updating your kitchen can be done on a budget. Even if you only change one item at a time, in time you will have a dream kitchen again on a budget that works for you. For more kitchen improvement ideas stop by our showroom today and see how our team at Wonderful Kitchens can help you get a new kitchen on a budget.

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