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If you’ve made the decision update your kitchen, you may be wondering but are wondering how long kitchen renovations take. The answer to this all depends on what type of renovation you are looking for, as well as how quickly you want it to be finished.

For example, if you’re planning to take holidays or long service leave and invest all your time into getting the renovation finished as quickly as possible, then it would be completed quicker than if you were to renovate while still working and going about every day life.

It’s difficult to give a time frame for kitchen renovations, however, we generally estimate 6-8 weeks.

Things to consider when renovating your kitchen

To figure out how long your kitchen renovation will take, start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • What type of renovation am I going to do?
  • Am I restoring my existing kitchen or demolishing and starting over?
  • Have I got my design and plans finished?
  • Have I ordered my materials?

All these questions will impact the timeframe from start to finish.

Kitchen plan brainstorming

Kitchen Design Plan

Invest in the planning phase

Don’t underestimate the importance of planning your renovation. In this time, you’ll be able to set out a rough timeline for how long you expect things will take. Be careful not to underestimate the amount of time and work that goes into a renovation. It’s very common for people to make this mistake, which only leads to frustration down the track.

A kitchen renovation really does depend on the size and complexity of the renovation you want to take on. The most time-consuming part of a kitchen renovation is the tends to be the planning and the designing, so make sure you factor this into your schedule. Drawing up plans and designs can be very fiddly and time-consuming, but will always pay off.

Work with an expert

Speaking with an expert in kitchen renovations is a great step to understand exactly how long it will take to do the renovation. Hiring a professional will also get the job done quicker than taking it on yourself!

An expert can also help you out in the planning and design phase. They can help make sure your timeframe is realistic and can give you a guideline of how long each stage will take. 

Kitchen design expert

Kitchen Colour Ideas

Think about supplies

Ordering materials and products is an important stage to consider, and one that can easily be forgotten. Sometimes materials can take months to arrive, especially if they’re in high demand. Making sure you have everything you need on renovation day will save you time, effort and money, and will prevent unexpected delays in the renovation process. For everything to run smoothly, being organised is key.

What to do during renovations

One of the great things about kitchen renovations is that you don’t have to pack up and move out during this time. Often tradesmen will be willing to work around your home life and in most cases, things can run as normal while the renovation is happening.

Using a professional service like Wonderful Kitchens is a great way to ensure your renovation is not only finished within a realistic timeframe but also made from quality materials and worked on by experts in kitchen renovation and design.