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Keeping your kitchen clean is an obvious must.  Not only does your food prep area need to be hygienic but it feels nice when the kitchen looks, feels and smells clean too.  If yours is a typical Australian household, the kitchen is probably the most often-used space in the house: food prep, meals, socializing, relaxing, casual entertaining… it all happens right here in the kitchen!

Your kitchen cupboard doors and kickboards need routine maintenance to keep them properly clean.  Of course you can regularly wipe the benchtops and get rid of any obvious spills or splashes from the cupboards, but despite our best intentions our cabinetry picks up a certain amount of food mess and dust. This is no reflection on the cleaning standards of the home, it’s just a fact that kitchens are well-used and that you and your family enjoy spending time there!

Different materials and surfaces require different cleaning methods – we’ve put together 4 great tips for keeping your kitchen and kitchen cupboards clean:

Keeping Kitchen Cupboards Clean

Dusting a Kitchen


Although kitchen cupboard doors and kickboards are vertical surfaces, you’d be surprised how much dust they accumulate.  Oil particles from our hands, frying and other regular cooking activities collect on the cabinetry and act as dust magnets.  Regular dusting with a soft cloth will go a long way towards preventing that sticky, dusty buildup that can be hard to clean.


White vinegar is a budget-friendly, natural cleaner and disinfectant that works magic in the kitchen.  A solution of 1-part vinegar to 2-parts hot water will work wonders on that ‘hard-to-remove’ grease that sometimes collects on kitchen cupboard doors and kickboards.  A paste made from white vinegar and baking soda will generally shift those really stubborn stains and spots, however, it is important to test this solution in an inconspicuous place to make sure that it won’t damage the surface of your cabinetry.  Avoid using vinegar on wooden surfaces.

Using Vinegar to Clean a Kitchen

Using Soap & Water to Ceaning Your Kitchen

Soap and Water

Most kitchen grime can be removed using the old soap and water method.  Using a soft cloth and a mild soap or detergent, wash your cabinetry and kickboards, rubbing gently to remove spots or marks.  Be sure to wash the underside of handles and the inside of the kitchen cupboard doors – these hidden places can collect grime and spills too!  Rinse with a cloth rinsed in warm water then dry each surface using an old tea-towel or soft cloth.




Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Wherever possible, avoid using strong chemicals or other harsh cleaning products to clean your kitchen or kitchen cupboards. Bleach and chlorine-based cleaners have the tendency to damage and stain many surfaces, especially stainless steel. Harsh scourers and abrasive products can scratch and dull the surfaces of your kitchen.


Avoid Using Chemicals

So, roll up your sleeves, grab your cloth and let’s get started!  For more kitchen cleaning tips or help with kitchen renovations Sydney, call the team at Wonderful Kitchens on (02) 9772 2988.  We love helping our clients maintain a kitchen that’s as clean as it is beautiful!