Where To Invest The Top Dollars in Kitchen Renovations

>>Where To Invest The Top Dollars in Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is probably one of the most exciting rooms in your home to renovate. But it can also be a ‘make or break’ room – one that creates a real ‘wow’ factor or one that brings down the whole value of your house. That’s why it’s so important to know where to spend the big dollars. There’s no denying it: kitchen renovation costs money, so let’s make sure yours is spent wisely.

Whether the renovation is for your family home or a rental property, the kitchen is going to get a workout. So, it needs to be built to last.


Is there anything more frustrating than cabinet doors that don’t latch properly, come off their hinges or draws that stick or break under the weight of the contents?  Be prepared to spend money on the drawer and cabinetry hardware. It’s an investment that is going to determine how your kitchen holds together so it’s worth every cent spent. Look for hardware with a good if not lifelong warranty.  Consider soft-closing mechanisms – it’s something that will take some of the stress off those drawers that are used many, many times a day.


Should I spend money on my benchtops? Yes, definitely! The benchtop is the surface that takes the brunt of your everyday activities in the kitchen so you are wise to invest in a good one. It needs to be as heat, scratch, and stain resistant as possible to allow you to work freely in your kitchen. You also need to consider how easy it is to clean. If your budget allows for solid stone, this is a material that will stand the test of time both in functionality and fashion.  If not, consider a more budget-friendly option such as reconstituted stone or good quality laminate. They look great, are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Appliances Kitchen renovation costs

The other very important area to factor into your kitchen renovations cost is the appliances. Don’t be tempted to cut corners here – it’s almost guaranteed to come back and bite you if you do. Good quality appliances make food preparation a breeze, and this is what you want. And if your renovation is a rental property, they may well influence the weekly rental amount you can charge. Take your time researching different brands of appliances – read reviews online and look for ones with good warranties. Consider the energy ratings for different brands – the efficiency of the unit will affect your long-term running costs. Although the appliances might be a big chunk of your renovation budget, you won’t regret spending money on them.

You can hardly put a price on quality workmanship. A quality kitchen will serve you for years to come and more than that, it’ll be a pleasure to work and entertain in. At Wonderful Kitchens, we have the skills, the knowledge, and the products to make your dream kitchen come true. Contact us today on 02 9772 2988 to make it happen.

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