Installing A Butler’s Pantry – 5 Things You Need To Know

>>>>Installing A Butler’s Pantry – 5 Things You Need To Know

They’re in fashion, and they’re better than ever.  Across the country, homeowners are continuing to embrace the idea of a butler’s pantry.  But not because they employ a butler.  Because, bring this old-fashioned concept up to date and you have the ultimate in practicality and functionality.  Butler’s pantries are making family life and entertaining easier, more convenient and less stressful for many Australians every day.


So, let’s get this thing straight – what exactly do we mean when we use the term Butler’s pantry? We like to think of it as a mini kitchen within a kitchen; a matryoshka kitchen if you like!  A glorified walk-in pantry, often with a sink and oven too. It’s a natural extension of your kitchen that provides a place to prepare food, store appliances and generally hide the mess away from open view.  In short, it’s an entertainer’s paradise.


At Wonderful Kitchens, we love Butler’s pantries.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 important things to consider when you plan yours:


    • Bench Space

It’s generally agreed by most homeowners, that there’s no such thing as too much bench space in the kitchen.  And even more so when it comes to the Butler’s pantry.  Bench space is invaluable for storing appliances, preparing meals or sorting your shopping before you put it all away.  If your space is at a premium, your benches don’t have to be the same width as the rest of your kitchen: consider cabinetry and benches that are only 400 – 500mm deep.

    • Appliances

Your Butler’s pantry is the perfect place to store your electrical appliances.  And not only that, it’s the perfect place to use them too – right where you need them when you are preparing your meals!  Be sure to think carefully about appliance storage options: would you prefer open shelving, deep drawers or are they going to live on the bench?  Include plenty of power points in your design.

And speaking of appliances, we highly recommend you include a second dishwasher in there if you have space.   For the avid entertainer, this makes life a whole lot easier.


    • Lighting

Because your Butler’s pantry is a food prep area, it’s important that you don’t skimp on lighting. Fitting lights under the overhead cabinets will ensure your bench space is well lit.  Consider installing a skylight to flood the room with natural light during the day.  If your butler’s pantry is on an external wall, try to include a window.  Many homeowners have low windows behind their benches instead of a tiled splash-back – let nature do it’s magic and reduce your electricity bill at the same time!

    • Storage

Your Butler’s pantry doesn’t have to be all open shelves.  Get creative with your storage: baskets, drawers, racks, and cupboards are all great options too.  Narrow shelves for spice storage, a place to hang the dustpan and broom…. your imagination and the available space are the only limits!

  • Materials

To achieve consistency, the materials used in your Butler’s pantry should be the same as those you choose for your main kitchen.  If possible, use the same style of cabinetry, benchtop material and hardware to enhance the natural flow of the entire kitchen area.


At Wonderful Kitchens, we love Butler’s pantries.  And we’ve got ideas and solutions to help you create one you’ll love too.  Call us on 02 9772 2988 and speak to one of our team about your Butler’s pantry today.

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