A kitchen renovation can be one of the most valuable things you can do for your home. It can immediately bring the house up to date, add finish and sparkle and change the way your home feels and functions. It can also be a stressful and complicated job to get done if the first part of the process doesn’t happen the way it should.

Designing and planning your new kitchen should take as long as the renovation itself takes if not longer. There are many different aspects to consider when creating the design and planning how the renovation should take place in order for it to work for everyone involved.

Preparation is key. The more time, thought, planning and consideration you put into the initial stages of your reno the better everything following will go.


Before anything else happens, you need to set your budget. It will guide you in your selection of finishes and appliances and also gives your kitchen designer a good indication of how the renovation will roll out. They will be able to use their extensive knowledge to recommend the best finishes, design and scope of work that can be done for that budget.

Kitchen Renovations - Budget Considerations

What is the Dream for Kitchen Renovations?

Start off with creating your dream wish list for your new kitchen. Go all out! Think through every function, every design element and write them all down. Create a mood board or boards if you’re feeling particularly creative. Read up on design mistakes to avoid to get a clear picture of everything you do and don’t want.

This planning should include a specific style or combination of styles. A fancy tile you saw and dreamed of having for your backsplash. The appliances you want or maybe need. A layout you think will work perfectly in the space or certain materials you’ve been dying to have in your kitchen.

The key to remember is this is a starting point. You need to remain flexible and be prepared to reject ideas if they no longer fit in your design plan as your ideas becomes clearer.

Floor plan and Layout

With your ideas now more defined, take your kitchen designer with you and take a look at the overall space. This is when you start making decisions about flow, function and flexibility for the way you want your kitchen to operate.

Tip: This is one of the most important steps! Do this before you even consider purchasing cabinets or appliances.

Next, decide what your kitchen layout is going to be. It needs to work for both your day to day needs and when you’re entertaining. A well-planned kitchen caters for everyone. It should work for the messy cook, the neat and scientific baker and the young family.

Don’t forget to be flexible. As the plan continues to come together and you see what can be done in your space you may find some of your initial ideas are no longer relevant.

Kitchen Renovations - Floor Plans

Choose Finishes and Appliances

With your layout now in place you can begin to look at materials and finishes. Don’t forget to revisit your mood board(s) and remember design, budget and function all need to work together when you make your choices.

The best part is that because you’ve already made a plan you can be confident that the appliances you’re choosing are exactly the right size to fit in the space. They work within your design as you know exactly what you want to achieve. Think about whether you want your appliances to blend in with the joinery or be stand-out statement pieces. Consider how you will use the appliance every day and make a decision based on performance.

Make sure you ask about lead times. Choosing finishes or appliances with longer lead times can affect the renovation negatively if not managed well.

You’ve made it to the end of Part One of our three-part series. Next time we’ll talk about all things messy (the renovation stage).

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