Creating A Contemporary Feel In An Older Kitchen

>>>>Creating A Contemporary Feel In An Older Kitchen

Creating A Contemporary Feel In An Older Kitchen

Let’s face the facts: your tired old kitchen is getting on your nerves.  The cabinetry is scratched and dented, the benchtops are outdated, the tiling has seen better days and it’s dark and dingy. When you have friends over, you really don’t like them to spend time in the kitchen area – it’s just downright embarrassing.


Ideally, you’d love to rip the whole thing out and start again, but reality dictates that this isn’t possible.  And hey, we’re with you here: reality means budgets, time constraints, and practicality.  But spark up! – there are 101 little things you can do to transform your worn out kitchen on the cheap, and turn it into a contemporary and beautiful space!  So, what are you waiting for? – let’s get started…



Since the cabinetry makes up one big chunk of the kitchen, let’s start here.  Chipped, worn paintwork is an eyesore, but it’s not hard to fix.  Grab yourself a pot of filler and a roll of sandpaper and set to work!  Remove the hardware (handles, hinges etc) fill any dents or scratches, and sand the whole lot back, ready for a coat of fresh paint.

A lot of older kitchens aren’t blessed with extra room to move. When choosing paint color, why not opt for a gloss finish? – it reflects the light, making the whole space look bigger and brighter. A light-colored palette will also help to create that light and airy feel, while a dark and muted palette will create a moody ambiance… what’s your style?

Alternatively, if repurposing the cabinets yourself isn’t something you feel confident doing, why not call in the experts? Replacing cabinets, particularly the doors is a simple job and one that an experienced fitter from Wonderful Kitchens could knock over in a short amount of time.


It’s little wonder the benchtops look a bit tired – they take a battering!  Food prep, homework space, general dumping shelf, and after-hours seat… they cop the lot!

Thankfully, benchtops are relatively inexpensive to replace and have the ability to take the appearance of your entire kitchen up several notches.  There’s a huge range of stunning Laminate products out there to choose from. Or, depending on your style, you might prefer solid timber or stone.  If granite or marble is out of the price bracket, consider a re-constituted stone overlay . This is applied to the existing benchtop and immediately creates that genuine ‘wow’ factor!



Outdated handles are easy to fix.  A trip to your local kitchen supplier or hardware store, a screwdriver and a few minutes of work and you can work magic in your old kitchen.  Believe us – modern handles make all the difference!


What about sprucing up your ‘new-look-kitchen’ with a change of decor?  A potted plant, new picture, a mirror or a few of your favorite cookbooks… whatever floats your boat!  A trip to your local flea market might be just the thing for a new art piece or ornament…
Before you launch into your kitchen reno, it’s a good idea to get advice from the professionals. Call the team at Wonderful Kitchens on 02 9772 2988 they’ve got plenty of ideas for sprucing up that well-loved kitchen and creating something beautiful, without breaking the bank!


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