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Your kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where love, in the form of food, is prepared and shared. Planning for a new kitchen requires some time and thought but the result will be a space that practically fulfils all your requirements and looks beautiful in your home. 

STEP 1: Measure the Space

When planning for a new kitchen you need to consider how much space you have. This will help you determine how many cabinets, drawers, appliances or shelves you will be able to incorporate into your kitchen. Knowing where doors or windows impact on the space also helps in the planning process. What shape will your kitchen need to be? Will it be open plan, a galley kitchen, L or U shaped? All these elements will determine how your kitchen should be planned.


STEP 2: Ask yourself, how do I use my kitchen?

Do you love to bake? You may need more bench space than someone who doesn’t. Maybe the dream is for two ovens. 

Do you cook meals often? 

What other activities happen in the kitchen? Homework, entertaining, laundry perhaps?  

How many people do you generally have working in or using the kitchen? Do you have plans to grow your family in the future? 

When you know the answers to these questions and others not mentioned here, you will be better equipped to make decisions on how you want your kitchen to function.

Kitchen Renovation

STEP 3: Likes and Dislikes

Think about your current kitchen. What are 3 things you like about it? What are 3 things you hate about it and wish you could change?

The answers will give you the start of your wish list. When you write yourself a wish list think of everything you could ever want without restriction. After that you may need to pare it back to fit within a budget. This means that things that can be purchased later and added to the design can be considered within the planning stages and prepared for in advance reducing extra costly changes. 


STEP 4: Consider using existing services

If you’re building brand new this is something you won’t need to worry about. You can plan your space and every electrical outlet and plumbing line with ease. If you’re renovating, considering how you can use the existing positions of services can save a lot of time and money. Don’t be afraid to ask about moving things however, if it’s one of your major dislike points from step 3. 

STEP 5: The triangle

You’ve heard about the working triangle. This triangle is taken into consideration whenever designing a kitchen. The working pattern between the refrigerator, stove and sink can be the best thing about a great kitchen design.  


STEP 6: Space plan

Think about the things you use on a regular basis in your kitchen currently. How much space do you need to store those items? Do you have large platters that require deeper storage than normal depth cabinets? Do you need to store a lot of glassware for entertaining? This will help you decide how the storage in your kitchen should be designed.  

Kitchen Design Plan

Kitchen lighting

STEP 7: Lighting

When you know how your kitchen will be used due to your home’s dynamics you can make decisions on how to best light the space. You may need direct lighting on work benches. You may want to consider ambient lighting for late night snacks. Lighting can be both functional and beautiful so make sure this is a part of the planning process. 


STEP 8: Use Samples

Trying to decide what finishes to use in your space can be difficult in a showroom. Ask for samples and use them to best advantage in the space they will occupy. How you use your kitchen and your personal sense of style are the two factors to consider first. Don’t forget that your kitchen will be one of the things people look at most when selling so try to appeal to the majority when choosing. 

STEP 9: Work with Professionals

It may be tempting to try some DIY when it comes to installing or renovating your kitchen. The very best results will come when you work with professionals who know what they’re doing and can offer expert advice.  

At Wonderful Kitchens we can take your space from the bare bones to a beautiful kitchen you’ll be happy to spend time in. Contact us today.