6 Ways To Increase Storage In Small Kitchen Spaces

>>6 Ways To Increase Storage In Small Kitchen Spaces

As people seemingly want to live increasing close to one another, house spaces are becoming smaller and smaller.  That cosy kitchen you once enjoyed is possibly in danger of being reduced to a breakfast nook.  But without spending a fortune, you can still pull off small kitchen renovations by making changes that allow you to reclaim your space and fulfill your organizational destiny.

These are just a few simple ideas you can use to make your small kitchen renovations successful.

Polish Your Pantry

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An enthusiastic cook can never have too much pantry space, but what can you do when it’s the size of a cabinet?  Instead of remodeling your kitchen, you can remodel you pantry to make the most of every last inch.  Long, shallow shelves are a great way to ensure you have extra storage space and can still easily visually identify everything.  Another option worth considering is a rolling cart.  By stocking it with frequently used items, you can easily roll it over to the preparation area!  Win!

Get Some Hang Time

Thinking of your kitchen as a truly three dimension storage space will really open up your options.  There are numerous ways you can utilize existing space simply by adding storage racks and hooks.  Some stores will sell ready-made inserts that are designed to increase the amount of stuff your cabinets can hold.  But there’s nothing wrong with buying hooks and designing your own custom space.  Get creative and use the forgotten spaces like the side and inside door of your cabinets.

Your Very Own Island

Not all kitchens have islands but when it comes to space-saving they’re a win.  Maybe a portable kitchen island and combined cabinet is right for you.  The real beauty of their design is the flexibility they offer.  You can take advantage of extra counter space, valuable storage space, and move it around to wherever you like.

Organise Your Pans

Pots and pans can take up a lot of space if you don’t consider the most efficient way to store them.  For most people, hanging them seems to be the default storage method but where you hang them and how will make all the difference.  By storing them over the stove, you’ll take advantage of otherwise wasted space and they’ll always be at hand when you need them.

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Maximise Under sink Storage

No matter what you store under your kitchen sink, you can bet there’s a better way to organise it.  Rolling drawers and smart organisers will help you make the most of that space.

Invisible Storage Solutions

Finally, consider how much wall space you have that isn’t being used.  Not only can you use the flat surface for shelving and hooks, you can also create hidden wall spaces.  An obvious one is the space between your fridge and the wall.  By creating roll out shelves you can add a huge amount of space that would otherwise be wasted.

Wonderful Kitchens has many great ideas on how best to use your storage space and on how to get the most out of your small kitchen renovations! Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly, expert designers.

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