4 Ways To Save Big When It Comes To Kitchen Remodelling

>>>>4 Ways To Save Big When It Comes To Kitchen Remodelling

When we remodel any part of our home, we need the capital outlay needs to be balanced with excellent results. And your kitchen renovation is no exception to the rule.   You need to make sure that your renovation adds real value to your home, suits your needs and doesn’t do excessive damage to your pocket…
The great news is that there are ways to save big when it comes to kitchen remodelling.  A stunning new kitchen doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  Yet renovating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to go without either.  It’s a case of being savvy; knowing where to invest top dollars, and where you can save yourself a pretty penny.  From floor to ceiling, whether it’s different types of benchtops or ways to save on hardware. The team at Wonderful Kitchens know how to create a kitchen that is both beautiful and budget-friendly.
So, let’s get a few tips from those in the know…

  • Do your own demolition

There’s no point paying somebody else to come and remove your old kitchen if you can do it yourself.  Think carefully before you attack your cabinetry with a crowbar – you might be able to on-sell a lot of what you remove.  There are plenty of buyers out there for good, second-hand kitchens. And, if you really hit it lucky and offer a good discount, your buyer may even be prepared to do the removal themselves!  Selling your old kitchen will not only save you the fees at the dump, it’ll also give you a bit more cash in hand for your new project!

Renovating Kitchen

  • Plan around existing plumbing and electrical

Costs can really stack up quickly if you start altering the existing plumbing and electrical in your kitchen.  If possible, plan your kitchen around the existing appliances and plumbing, i.e. keep the sink where it is, likewise the dishwasher, oven and fridge/freezer units.  Re-plumbing and re-wiring will add a lot of extra expense to your renovation, not to mention hassle if the floors or walls have to be cut into to access pipes or wiring.

  • Benchtops

Benchtops, more often than not, are a ‘make or break’ item in a new kitchen.  If your budget is generous, granite or quartz always create that ‘wow’ factor and add a touch of luxury and elegance. However, if you aren’t keen on investing that kind of money, there are plenty of different types of benchtops that look amazing, without the hefty price tag.  The variety of colours and effects available in laminate makes this product a very popular option.  It always looks great, wears well and is easy to maintain.  Timber is another option worth considering – it adds a touch of that classic, rustic charm that so many of us love.

Kitchen Storage

  • Shelving vs cabinetry

One way to save on cabinetry costs is to go with open shelving where possible.  This particularly applies to overhead spaces, but you might consider using open shelving in your island bench or butler’s pantry too.  As well as providing an opportunity to be creative in your kitchen, open shelving means you don’t need to spend money on side panels, door fronts or handles for these storage spaces.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can save yourself a humble dollar in your kitchen renovation.  The team at Wonderful Kitchens know the ‘tricks of the trade’ and how to help you achieve a kitchen that will satisfy both you and your budget.  Call us today on 02 9772 2988 and let’s get your renovation underway!


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