Our 4 Part Winter Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 1

>>>>Our 4 Part Winter Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 1

How To Compliment Your Existing Colour Scheme When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you’re excited by the idea of a kitchen remodel but have no idea where to start – don’t fret, you’re not alone! ? The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and it’s normal to worry that the newly finished, maybe expensive kitchen won’t match your existing living spaces.

Never fear, there are some simple steps you can follow to be sure that you won’t be spending money that will see you re-doing your kitchen in a few years time. And you’ll be happy with the outcome.

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them”. – David Hicks

Big Picture Style

Stand back and look at the overall style of your home and the home décor you have already chosen. A country-style kitchen in a modern home probably won’t be the most suitable combination.

Use colour to mesh the spaces together but try not to match shades exactly. You may end up feeling everything is too much of the same.


When choosing the largest elements for your kitchen, choose neutral colours. Neutral colours don’t date as quickly as bold colours or patterns. Door fronts, benchtops and floors are your big area items and choosing neutral colours will help you to create flow in your home.

Think about contrast as an element of your design.

Just because things are neutral doesn’t mean they are all the same. A popular rule is if you choose dark cabinetry then choose light countertops and vice versa. One of the easiest ways to start your design is to choose a countertop you love. Out of that, you will be able to find door fronts, accessories and even flooring that will complement your favourite piece of countertop which is the piece you’ll be seeing all of the time!

If you have an open plan kitchen don’t forget that your flooring is not only in the kitchen but in other areas of your home also, so keeping that in mind should you decide to redo your floors is essential.

Contemporary Living Space with Neutral Colours


You can tie your scheme in with other areas in your home by choosing an accent colour to carry through the entire space. In the kitchen, you may choose stainless steel for your appliances and hardware or perhaps you prefer a warmer feel with gold accents on doors and when framing artwork. When you choose those elements consider what you love in other areas of your home and blend them together.

Choose a colour that will flow through the entire home

You can also accent colour in your choice of backsplash, small kitchen accessories, including your dishware and paint. All relatively easy things to change up if you ever want to do something different.

Wonderful Kitchens cannot only help you achieve your dream kitchen but also help you design an appealing colour scheme that will suit your entire home. We service areas from Western Sydney, all the way to North Sydney. Contact the experts at Wonderful Kitchens by giving us a call on (02) 9772 2998 to find out how you can seamlessly add colour and design into your home.



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