There are a wide range of products available for your kitchen benchtops. If you’re in the middle of renovating your kitchen it might be a few planks of wood on some hobby horses and throw a picnic blanket over the lot. When you do move into the perfect kitchen however, a few planks aren’t really going to be what you’re looking for. We’re going to give you some options for your kitchen benchtops and some pros and cons to consider.

1) Engineered Stone

This product is still king when it comes to kitchens. It is durable, hardwearing and requires little to no maintenance. You can choose from a wide range of colours and designs and it can also be used a splashback for a seamless look.

2) Solid Surface

Made of acrylic resin and alumina these benchtops can be crafted seamlessly up to and including your kitchen sink. An advantage these benchtops have is that repair is possible. Major damage such as heat scorching can even be prepared without having to replace the whole piece.

3) Stainless Steel

Chefs in particular love a stainless-steel benchtop. Stainless steel can be seamlessly wrapped around worktops and island benches. You can use it for sinks and splashbacks and even to create shelves. It could be just the texture you need to balance heavier elements in your kitchen.

4) Laminate

If you’re on a tight budget laminate could be the way to go. You can always replace the benchtops at a better time for you. There have been wide strides made in the Laminate industry so don’t think your Grandmother’s yellow laminate benchtop. There are a wide range of options for colour and designs that imitate more expensive materials such as wood, stone and even concrete. Don’t allow any bias to keep you from looking into the new options.

5) Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete adds a raw feel to finishes in any space. A more modern aesthetic can be easily achieved using this product. Be aware that concrete requires sealing and may require ongoing maintenance.

6) Timber

When thinking about timber you may just think warmth and character. If you’re using a lot of stainless steel and other colder elements a timber benchtop could be just the ticket. Don’t forget – the only limitation for style is the type of wood you choose to use – there are many, many colours and character you can choose from. Maintenance is definitely ongoing, but only once a year.

7) Porcelain

This product is becoming more popular. It has low porosity which makes them a very hygienic option. It is also highly resistant to scratching, high heat and stains. They are a durable and versatile option.

8) Granite

This is often the dream product for benchtops. With a high price tag, you will definitely need to plan your budget around them. However, the product is simply stunning with a variety of colours and styles to choose from. And a hardier product you’ll struggle to find.

9) Marble

Marble is a beautiful, timeless stone that will immediately elevate the look of your kitchen. You will need to budget for maintenance though because you’ll need to have the professionals come by every few years to re-apply the sealant.

10) Bamboo

Eco-friendly and budget-friendly bamboo can suit any style of kitchen. You will need to maintain the bamboo with oil (on a regular basis) or a polyurethane sealant. A plus for bamboo is you can easily repair it by sanding and refinishing.

Kitchen Benchtops can be made with a wide range of products to suit all types of styles and budgets. If you need more information come and see us at Wonderful Kitchens or simply pick up the phone and give us a call.