Which Way is Up? Why Laying Tiles Should be Left to the Experts

>>>>Which Way is Up? Why Laying Tiles Should be Left to the Experts

Kitchen planners, designers, and contractors have years of experience and expertise in doing everything kitchen related. This, of course, covers laying tiles. Be it for the backsplash, the floor or the countertop, there are lots of places tiles can be utilised in a kitchen. This is why it should be left to the experts who know the best ways to do it, and the tricks of the trade to ensure you have the best-looking tiles possible.

What can go wrong with not hiring an expert?

kitchen plannersThe tiles can have improper spacing that can cause cracking or shifting of tiles. This can cause all sorts of issues in the future and require new tiles to be installed.

Another issue that can arise with improper spacing is an improper amount of grout. The grout between tiles adds to the structural integrity of your tiled space. Too much, too wet, too thick, too thin and you can have all sorts of issues.

Different tiles require different types of adhesion. Some need to be waterproof, others need to be more supportive. Not knowing which one you need can create a headache down the road.

Speaking of different tiles, there are different tiles that have different uses. Tiles meant for splashbacks, for example, would create potential slipping dangers if used on the floor. Kitchen planners and contractors are well aware of the traction level of each type of tile and where they can be best applied.

You may not purchase enough tiles for the job and may not be able to get the same style down the road when you complete your project. This can lead to frustration in trying to locate a few more tiles, or worse case having to tear it all out and start again with a new style of tile. Different cases of tiles may also have slightly different imperfections. This can make a difference if not mixed up enough between all tiles being used in the job. Kitchen planners will know how many tiles they need, as well as how much coverage (extra tile) they should purchase in case of breakage and tiles needing to be trimmed for different spaces.

Not properly preparing the surfaces to be tiled can create uneven tiles, grout, and major issues. It can cause uneven weight distribution on the tiles so that once walked on they crack.

As you can see not going with a professional kitchen planner or contractor can lead to many more headaches than it is worth. Wonderful Kitchens are here to help you with your tiling needs and avoid unnecessary blunders. This can be the difference between a sub-par kitchen filled with issues and your dream kitchen.

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