5 Ways To Utilise The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

>>>>5 Ways To Utilise The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

What is it about that under-sink cupboard that we hate? It’s a dingy, hard-to-get-to cupboard that has too many things stored in too little space. Pipes, wash-up brushes, bottles of cleaning liquids, dish rack, cloths, rubbish bin…. you name it and it’s probably there! Sound familiar anyone?!

Whether you’re looking for kitchen renovation ideas, or simply wanting to organise your existing space, the under-sink cupboard is the prime place to start! And believe it or not, it probably won’t be as big a job as you imagine. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get going!


De-Clutter & Clean

In short, this means that you empty the contents of the cupboard and decide what you actually need. Combine the contents of all the nearly empty wash-up soaps and throw out the extra bottles. Reduce the contents of your cupboard to what should be in there (return all the extra bits and bobs to their correct homes) and wipe down the shelves with a cloth and mild soap and water solution.

Think about the type of things that are kept in this cupboard and the safest way to store them: many of them are liquids, and some are corrosive. Wash-up brushes and/or sponges may be damp, so they’ll need airflow.


Now it’s time to look at storage solutions:

Wire Baskets/Shelves

Wire baskets come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and colours, and can be used for storing those bottles, jars, cloths and brushes. Take a trip to your local kitchen supplier or homewares centre and check out what’s available – think about tiered wire shelving and divided storage baskets. You may choose to store your items in plastic containers then stack them onto shelves or in baskets (clear containers are a good idea because you can see what’s inside at a glance!).


Make use of the Door

The back of the cabinetry door is a space that’s easy to overlook. Wire baskets and/or rails can be attached to the inside of the door and used for storing cloths, wash-up brushes or towels. Over-door hanging systems are one step easier again: no screws to worry about, just hang and use!

Pull-Out Drawers

Getting to the back of the under-sink cupboard can be a nightmare. That’s why many people opt for pull-out drawer systems to store their frequently used items – it saves your back, your time and your sanity when you need to quickly grab that bottle or replace an item in the rack!


U-Shaped Drawers

To maximise the space around your sink and pipework, a u-shaped drawer can be custom made to suit your under-sink cupboard. This solution allows you to make good use of those areas each side of the sink which would otherwise be wasted.

Lighten it Up

Sick of dark cupboards? Why not install a couple of LED push lights to illuminate the space and make it easy to see what’s in there? Nowadays there are plenty of battery-operated options available that won’t break your budget!


Talk to the team at Wonderful Kitchens about kitchen renovation ideas that will make your under-sink cupboard more practical and user-friendly.  Call us today on 02 9772 2988 or head to know of our showrooms for more great ideas.

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