When Style Compromises Function – How To Avoid This Dilemma

>>>>When Style Compromises Function – How To Avoid This Dilemma

When Style Compromises Function – How To Avoid This Dilemma

We all know that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home. Memories are made in the kitchen…from dinner parties, birthday cakes, romantic dinners to breakfasts served in bed.

Whether you’re renovating your beloved kitchen or starting from scratch, kitchen design should be carefully considered. If you’re working with a generous budget, it can be quite tempting to go crazy with the most stylish kitchen possible. However, this approach, whilst exciting, can lead to calamity.

Choosing the most stylish and ‘in vogue’ options can look elegant and stunning but might not be practical once the cooking starts.

Here’s a couple of tips to avoid your kitchen’s style compromising its functionality.


Whilst a kitchen with an enormous amount of space can be very glamorous, it can also create trouble. ‘Space’ looks impressive, but it’s really not that practical. Working in a large kitchen is not as great as it sounds. If you have a day of cooking ahead of you, going back and forwards between the bench, sink and oven can make your legs ache.

Too little space can be just as much of a problem. A compact kitchen might give you more space in a dining room, but it can severely hamper a cook up or clean up with more than one or two people involved.

One of the best options to maximise functionality without compromising style are island benches. For larger kitchen layouts, island benches offer countertop space, an informal eating area and extra storage.

However, for small kitchen layouts, island benches can cause nothing but trouble. They can impede the flow of traffic and just be downright annoying when you’re in a hurry.

Island benches

Sacrificing quality for style

Whilst this point doesn’t sound particularly specific, it is easy to prioritise stylish finishes over quality installations. Balancing style and quality can be a struggle if your budget is tight. For example: installing the cheapest rangehood to accommodate the cost of a two-pack paint finish on your cupboards. Whilst the cupboards will look incredible and make a real statement, a cheap range hood could give you sub-standard ventilation. Another example would be choosing to forego a splashback in favour of installing a 900mm oven instead of a 600mm oven. A 900mm oven is heaven for the committed cook, but a splashback behind your stovetop will save you many hours of cleaning. Or one of my favourite pet annoyances is sinks without a draining rack. Whilst there’s no doubt they look sleek and exceptionally stylish, they are not a functional arrangement.


The absolutely safest way to avoid a crisis of design is speaking with a professional. Engaging the services of a kitchen design specialist will ensure you have the best of both style and function. Whilst it may cost you a little more, guaranteed it will be money well spent.

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