Stone Countertops – Quartz, Marble Or Granite?

>>>>Stone Countertops – Quartz, Marble Or Granite?

Choosing a stone counter-top isn’t always easy.  And believe us when we say that the best type of stone for kitchen counter-tops is a topic of considerable debate in some circles!  Each of the three products under discussion here, quartz, marble and granite, have their pros and cons. However, when you’re renovating your own kitchen and looking into different cabinetry and island bench ideas, it’s wise to take the time to look carefully at each type of stone before deciding which one to purchase.  After all, the counter-top is a considerable part of your budget and it’s going to take the brunt of the kitchen activities…


What is Granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring rock composed of various minerals, that is formed when lava cools.  Some sources claim that granite is the most abundant rock in the earth’s continental crust! So, although granite benchtops as we know them require a certain amount of manufacturing, the actual material itself is a completely natural product.

Pros of Granite Counter-tops

Beautiful; elegant; timeless; natural.  And as well as its aesthetic appeal, granite is hard-wearing and easy to maintain.  When correctly sealed, liquids won’t penetrate the stone which makes it great as far as hygiene is concerned, and it’s practically scratch and stain resistant.  In addition to all of this, granite can withstand heat well, making it ideal for use close to stove-tops or ovens.

Cons of Granite Counter-tops

Most problems with granite benchtops occur when the product isn’t sealed correctly.  Because it is a porous substance, incorrectly sealed granite may absorb liquids, resulting in an unhygienic and stained work surface.  The hard surface may also blunt kitchen knives if you regularly use the counter-top as a cutting surface.

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What is Quartz?

Quartz is the most abundant mineral found in the earth’s crust, and probably the most useful to human activities.  Its uses are many and varied, and it has been used by man in the manufacture of implements and tools for thousands of years.

Pros of Quartz Counter-tops

Naturally stunning; super hard; non-porous.  Although maybe not as common, quartz is an equally beautiful and highly serviceable choice for counter-tops. Its organic beauty is hard to beat, while its heat and scratch resistance make it a hard-wearing and highly functional choice.


Cons of Quartz Counter-tops

Because quartz counter-tops are an engineered product, the seams on this product may be slightly more noticeable.  It may be considered by some to be a more modern option than the traditional granite, although this can hardly be counted as a negative since it suits a more contemporary kitchen style to a tee.

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What is Marble?

Marble is a stone which occurs naturally below the earth’s surface.  It has been sought after and used by humans for centuries: indeed, marble has been a symbol of luxury and wealth dating back thousands of years.  The variations in its colour are caused by natural mineral deposits.

Pros of Marble Counter-tops

Gorgeous; classic; natural; highly functional.  Marble remains a classic choice for the up-market kitchen, with its inherent beauty speaking for itself.  Depending on the type of marble it may be a more affordable choice for homeowners who are working to a budget, while still providing excellent functionality and that touch of luxury.

Cons of Marble Counter-tops

Because it is a porous product, marble counter-tops must be properly sealed.  Shoddy sealing may result in an unhygienic and stained working surface.  Marble is easily scratched and marked by acids or sharp knives.


The team at Wonderful Kitchens can help you choose a stone bench-top that suits both your needs and your back pocket.  Call us today on (02) 9772 2988 and chat to one of our staff.


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