Parisian Chic Vs. French Provincial – Whats The Difference?

>>>>Parisian Chic Vs. French Provincial – Whats The Difference?

Parisian Chic Vs. French Provincial – Whats The Difference?

When considering Parisian chic versus French provincial kitchen designs, one must first understand the two different styles.

What’s the difference?

Both Parisian chic and French provincial styles are French. In simple terms, the difference between the two is the difference between French country and French city. Provincial means from the provinces or country whereas Parisian chic means the city of Paris.

So, when it comes to kitchens, what is Parisian chic?

Yep, Parisian means from Paris. In a nutshell, Parisian chic is the mix of vintage eclectic and modern sleek. Think downtown Paris cafes in spring incorporating a sophisticated salon feeling. Parisian locals have skilfully mastered the integration of the contemporary with the classic.

provincial kitchen designs

Typical elements from the Parisian chic kitchen design could include:

  • Wicker bistro style chairs
  • Printed floor tiles
  • Neutral tiled splashback
  • Open shelving with rustic metal finishes like wrought iron
  • Minimalist pendant feature lighting with a semi-industrial feel
  • Artsy style framed pictures or collages

In addition to these elements, Parisian chic kitchens include vast amounts of natural light. They are also inclined towards a gallery layout as space is often a rare commodity in the city. A little-known Parisian design element is the installation of deep sinks. And an even more obscure and little-known element of a Parisian kitchen is the addition of a washing machine. Yep. Stranger installations have occurred.

What is French provincial?

From the southern provinces of France comes the elegant beauty of the country-style French provincial kitchens. French provincial kitchen designs come from the French country style fusing with certain elements of the typical Parisian feel.

From an architectural perspective, French provincial kitchens tend to include large archways and colours. They also include elegant glass-fronted cabinets as a major feature. Opulent solid wood carved timber creates a glamorous rustic look. Large cupboards and timber carved open shelving in wrought iron are also a beautiful addition.

provincial kitchen designs

The colour scheme in the French provincial kitchen is traditionally greys, whites and creams. The benefit of these tones is that they accentuate the space and the showcase ornate carved cabinets.

Elegant marble and granite bench tops are a highlight in a provincial kitchen. Not only are they durable, but these sophisticated benches can be a feature in their own right.

Provincial kitchen designs tend to lean towards stone flooring or dark timbers to emphasize the lighter tones. This combination shows a beautiful contrast that is warm and without impeding the elegance of the design. Incorporate some ornate tapware in brass or pewter to complete the look.

Whether your heart lies with the city or country when it comes to the French style kitchen, you won’t regret the choice to go French.

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