Out with the Old and in With the New

>>>>Out with the Old and in With the New

What to do When Your Old Kitchen Has Seen its Last Day?modern kitchen design

Every item in a home has an expiry date. Not in the way food expires of course, but a day that will come when it needs to be renovated, renewed or just torn down and started again from scratch. Kitchens are no different, and as one of the most used rooms in a house it can get to its last days a whole lot quicker than other rooms in a home. It will reach a point where it has no choice but to be renovated, and what better time than that to go with a brand new modern kitchen design.

Renovating your kitchen can entail a lot. You can tear the entire space down to the drywall and start again. It can even involve removing walls and creating a more open modern design. Or on the other side of the spectrum, it can be as simple as refinishing surfaces and giving it the appearance of a brand-new space.

How do you decide which is better?

If your cupboards are falling off the walls, the floor tiles are chipped and cracked, and your counter just can’t take one more day it may be in your best interest to start with a fresh modern kitchen design. Most of us though, reach the point of knowing that we need to start updating a space long before it reaches the point of no return. If you happen to decide soon enough, before it becomes irreparable, you can save yourself substantially on the make-over.

Which brings us to another key element of deciding what to do when your kitchen has seen it’s last days. Budget. Not everyone can pull back the space to the studs and start completely fresh. With more substantial renovations comes more substantial costs. This means that you must have the money in the bank before you consider this route, or have another means of finance. Often banks will let you draw back on your pre-existing loan and access funds for things such as renovations and home improvements. Budget alone can be the deciding factor for most people on what can and cannot be done.

What’s neccesary and what’s not?

If you have the money, by all means, create your dream kitchen. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, decide what elements need to be changed or refinished now and start there. Little by little you can get the space overhauled by starting with the items that need updating the most.

Budget friendlier ways to breathe life back into the space can be as simple as changing counters and flooring or updating the tiles in the space. You can refinish the cabinets or change out the fronts altogether. Little things can change the space and give you more time in one of the most used rooms of your home.

When you decide the time is right to create a new kitchen, or are looking to go with a modern kitchen design, let Wonderful Kitchens be your team. We can help you assess what areas need to be fixed first, or what items can wait just a little bit longer. Of course, if you are wanting to go with the complete overhaul route, we can help you do that too. What are you waiting for? Visit us today.


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