Our 4 Part Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 4

>>>>Our 4 Part Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 4

How To Add A Vintage Touch To Your Modern Kitchen

So you love a good vintage find, the 70’s, 80’s or any era for that matter runs in your blood. BUT you have a modern kitchen! Well, we have some ideas that will help you to bring that vintage touch to your kitchen.

Paint Colours 

There are colours in any era that stir up the feeling of that particular time in history. For example, anyone looking at browns, oranges and yellows can tell you that it feels like the 70’s. The 70’s were a time when warmth, peace and calm were most important. The warm earthy colours brought that to people’s homes.

If you have a particular era preference, do your research. Find out what colours the people of that time loved and use them in your kitchen. If you can’t find one you love to put on your wall use the colour in your accessories.

Light Fixtures

Here you can feel free to mix and match your eras. Find something else that connects them together. Finish, design or colour can all affect your choice.

Vintage Chandeliers, wall sconces or pendants can bring vintage right into your modern kitchen.

modern kitchen

Art and Accessories

Frame modern art with vintage frames. Choose a wood or gilt finish to bring the true vintage feel. Look for art in your grandparents’ storage or simply choose a favourite print or family portrait.


These will be a bold statement in any modern kitchen. There are items easily found in today’s market. Retro style refrigerators, wine fridges and small appliances can be found online or in-store.

You may even want to go as far as splurging on a range hood for your stove. It’s an investment but it truly brings vintage style to life in a modern kitchen.


Tiles for your floor or splashback can make such a bold statement about personal style in your kitchen. Consider colour and layout when you’re choosing your tiles. A vintage colour or style of tile can look more modern if you lay the tile in an interesting pattern.

This can be an attractive way to add the vintage touch without clashing with the modern.

modern kitchen

Decorate with Crockery

Vintage teacups, pots and jugs add a classic and elegant touch to a modern kitchen. Aim for mismatched pieces this works better for this way of decorating. Estate sales or pre-loved finds are perfect for this style.

Re-purpose Old Furniture

Find an old hutch and paint or refinish it. Add a lovely old wooden farm table to your island for extra prep space and seating for your kitchen.  Old furniture brings in warmth and softness into what can be a hard, unrelenting room.

There are so many ways to add vintage touches to your kitchen. Call us at Wonderful Kitchens to discuss ideas for your kitchen.



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