Can A New Bench Design Change The Look Of An Old Kitchen?

>>>>Can A New Bench Design Change The Look Of An Old Kitchen?

The kitchen bench is the perfect space to cook, serve food and mingle around while you discuss which celebrity will be the next to leave the jungle. A kitchen has become less about just a place to prepare food and more about an area to commune together. If your’e wanting to give your kitchen a facelift, consider a new benchtop. Kitchen bench design has come a long way, and can drastically transform your old space into a modern and chic communal space.

But what exactly makes a good benchtop a GREAT one? 

An ideal benchtop should be highly functional and perfectly matched to your kitchens design.  Because it’s such a prominent feature, your kitchen bench design can change the entire look of your kitchen.  Therefore, there are a number of questions that you should discuss with your kitchen designer before making any decision.

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A bold contrasting kitchen bench can be a statement-making centerpiece, but perhaps you would prefer a more seamless and blended approach?  Do you need added functionality and additional storage space? Or do you simply need something durable for chopping and preparing food?  Have you considered colours?  Materials?  Dimensions?

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to understand which materials are available to you, the function they perform, and how to choose the right one for you.  Your budget will largely dictate what choices are available to you. For added clarity it’s best to consult a professional designer.

Choosing the style and material for your kitchen bench design

There are some things worth considering to narrow down your choices.  Do you like the look of laminate?  Although this has a long history of use in kitchen bench design, the modern patterns and colours that are available today are absolutely amazing.  Laminate is cheap to produce, easy to maintain, long lasting and incredibly versatile.

Perhaps you prefer the sleekness and cool lines of stainless steel?  Stainless steel benchtops are incredibly popular with chefs for good reason.  It’s easy to clean, with fewer places for bacteria and germs to hide and grow.  You can set both cold and hot items on the surface without damaging it.  The flavours of your food will be unspoiled as the stainless steel is one of the most hygienic surfaces you can choose and won’t react with your ingredients.  Plus it looks sensational and matches well with almost every other material and style in your kitchen.

For a warmer look, timber is a great option.  It’s, inviting and gives your kitchen a beautifully finished appearance like no other material can.  Timber benchtops are susceptible to damage and scratches however so it’s worth paying extra for a quality finish.  However some people may prefer a rustic look and the scratches and cracks can certainly add to a timber benches appeal.

There are several other materials available to you such as concrete, engineered stone, brushed stainless steel and numerous others.  By providing you with some contrasted options, you can see how a kitchen benchtop can completely change the look of your entire kitchen.  Therefore, it’s worth putting some extra thought into your kitchen bench design, to achieve a result you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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