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Modular kitchens are a wonderful, modern kitchen design that can suit many spaces and lifestyles. If you’re planning a brand-new kitchen or simply a revamp of your existing one, it may feel daunting. Modular kitchens make this process a whole lot earlier!

What is a modular kitchen design?

This frequently asked question deserves a bit of explaining…

As the name suggests, the modular kitchen comprises a selection of units or ‘modules’ which fit into the given space and blend together to form an efficient and practical kitchen. Each module serves a specific purpose: drawer storage, cupboard storage, overhead storage and corner units – they are all necessary to create a working space that maximises functionality and ensures excellent workflow.

Modular kitchen

So, how do I go about creating my own modular kitchen?

U Shaped Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Layouts

As with any renovation project, planning is the first step. There are five standard layouts for modular kitchens. These include:

  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Straight
  • Rectangular
  • Parallel

Consider the available space, the needs of your family and what you wish to achieve from your new kitchen, when deciding on a layout. Remember the principle of the golden triangle and place your fridge, sink and stovetop strategically to maximise efficiency.

Choose your Modules

This is a bit like completing a jigsaw, only you have the choice of which pieces you put where! However, the result must be a functional and practical kitchen with maximum storage space and aesthetic appeal. Many modules are available in a range of sizes, which allows for greater choice when creating your kitchen.

Think about different storage options. Overhead and under-bench cupboards, drawers, hooks, open shelves… what options are best suited to your needs?

Try and plan your layout to keep similar items together (i.e. food storage in one area or set of cupboards, appliances in another, serving ware and cutlery in another…). Many homeowners choose to position pots and pans and other cookware close to the stove, and plates and cutlery close to the food serving area.

Modular kitchen design

Modular kitchen surfaces


Modular kitchen cabinets are available in a huge range of materials, from stainless steel to traditional timber look or laminate. Whether yours is a modern or traditional taste (or somewhere in between) there are colours and textures to compliment your style.

The choice of bench-top materials is also huge. Stone, laminate, timber, steel… it’s all available and each one has its pros and cons. Again, it’s a case of picking something that suits your needs, your taste and your budget.


Your choice of hardware will greatly affect the aesthetics of your kitchen. Think about how much use your kitchen will get and invest in the hardware accordingly: if you’re going to open and close the doors and drawers many times each day, we recommend you fit good quality hinges and drawer runners.

Handles and knobs are also important when creating a particular ‘feel’ in your kitchen. If yours is a modern design, you may even wish to opt for a ‘handleless’ kitchen to help accentuate the clean lines and sleek design concept.

Overhead cupboards

Contact the team at Wonderful Kitchens on (02) 9972 2988 for more information on modular kitchen designs. Our sales team can help you create a kitchen that blends seamlessly into your space and is a pleasure to work in every day!