Making The Most Of Your Kitchen Space- 5 Expert Tips!

>>>>Making The Most Of Your Kitchen Space- 5 Expert Tips!

Making The Most Of Your Kitchen Space- 5 Expert Tips!

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be big to be practical.  In fact, many people across the globe work very efficiently and effectively every day in compact yet functional kitchens.  The secret to a small and wonderful kitchen is to ‘think outside the square’, be creative and make the most of every single inch of available space…

Naturally, some kitchen layouts aren’t ideal, and, while the ultimate would be to renovate and make extra space, it’s not always possible.  However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to improve the flow of your kitchen and maximise storage space.  Much of it comes back to a bit of logic thinking and basic organization.
kitchen layouts

Here are 5 simple, budget-friendly ways to help you make the most of your kitchen space:

Reduce the clutter

Let’s face it: we tend to collect a lot of bits and bobs in our kitchen area that we rarely use.  From odd-sized cake tins to large entertaining platters, there are a lot of items that only get pulled out on the rare occasion.  Why not store items that aren’t part of your regular kitchen toolkit, in boxes or labelled crates in another spot, such as the garage or shed?  As long as they’re easy to locate when you do need them, it’ll free up space for items you really need in there and make your cupboards and drawers so much easier to use.

Create extra storage

Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be restricted to cupboards and drawers.  Let’s get creative and look at other ways to store everyday items: magnetic rails are a great option for knife storage and hooks on the wall can serve well for mugs, pots, pans and frequently used utensils.  Wall mounted wine bottle holders, pot racks hanging from the ceiling… the options are endless and the only limit is your own imagination!


Add in extra work space

If your kitchen layout lacks bench space, incorporating an island bench can be a real lifesaver.  Not only does it give you that extra food prep area, it also creates more space for storage drawers, baskets or shelving.  Movable island benches are the perfect solution for kitchens with small floor space because they can be stored out of the main walking area when not in use.

Kitchen layouts

Light and bright

Even if you can’t increase the physical size of the kitchen, you can make it look bigger by using a light and neutral colour palette.  A coat of light coloured paint, the addition of a mirror splashback and, if you are replacing cabinetry, light coloured cupboards and benches, will all help to create that airy freshness that a small kitchen needs.  Consider adding in a skylight to help flood the room with natural light.

Stay clean

Food preparation in a small area can be challenging, that’s why it’s important to adopt a ‘clean as you go’ strategy.  Don’t let dishes pile up in crazy towers.  Wipe the benches frequently and put away ingredients as you finish with them.  Simple things can make big differences in the functionality of your kitchen.
With a little clever forethought and strategic planning, your kitchen can be workable, practical and a great place to spend time, regardless of the layout or size.  The team at Wonderful Kitchens would love to share their ideas about making the most of your available kitchen space, so call us today on 02 9772 2988 and talk to one of our friendly staff

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