How Lighting Enhances a Kitchen’s Appeal

>>>>How Lighting Enhances a Kitchen’s Appeal

Award Winning Kitchen DesignLighting can take your kitchen from drab to an award-winning kitchen design when done correctly. Nothing is worse in a kitchen than sub-par lighting or dark areas that are difficult to work in. That said, proper lighting can be the perfect complement to a kitchen renovation.

Where do you start in making sure the lighting is just what your kitchen needs? What lighting should you use? Here are some quick tips to get you started in thinking about your new kitchen design.

  • Under-cabinet lights can make seeing what you are doing on the countertop easier. Overhead lights are great, but smaller area-specific lighting such as this can enhance your kitchen, as well as make working in it easier. Even simple LED light strips can make a big difference.
  • Recessed lights can help brighten up any kitchen. They spread light more evenly, creating a well-lit kitchen that any chef would love to cook in. Given they are inside the ceiling cavity it also means cleaner lines and no lights hanging down or creating potential head hazards in the kitchen.
  • Space-specific lighting can also be a key component in enhancing your kitchen’s appeal. Having countertop lights, or in-cabinet lights can make a big impact on the functionality of the space. Nothing is harder than trying to see into a dark cabinet or pantry to find the one item you are seeking.
  • Accent lights can make a big impact. Utilize them to display and enhance the artwork, special dishes in a glass-enclosed cabinet or any other item you think needs that extra dramatic lighting.
  • Award-winning kitchen design combine’s simplicity and ingenuity when it comes to lighting. Having lights at a multitude of levels can create a simple but also effective look as well as being incredibly practical. This simply means having lighting at all the prior mention places. Together it creates a unified, well-lit look that is modern and appealing.
  • Different colours and tones of lights can create different feelings and can be utilized in the kitchen. You can opt for bright, daylight lights to help create more light in a kitchen that has darker cabinets and areas. You can utilize warmer colour lighting to create a more intimate, comfortable setting if that is more the feel you are seeking.
  • Award Winning Kitchen DesignHaving lights, and fixtures that work with the other elements of the kitchen can change the overall feeling as well. If you are looking for elegance and fine dining, you might want to go with a chandelier type fixture as the main lighting in the space, or if you are looking for a cleaner, more sterile style kitchen you might want to utilise metal fixtures. It all depends on the feel and look you are seeking for your kitchen. Lights can play to the feeling or create a mood all their own.

When you are ready to make a change in your kitchen and create your own award-winning kitchen design our team of experts at Wonderful Kitchens would love to assist you. With over 40 years of experience and winners of Best of Houzz 2017 Design, you won’t be disappointed.

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