Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Are On Trend For 2017

>>>>Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Are On Trend For 2017

There are lots of different creative kitchen renovation ideas that can help you to create the perfect kitchen that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. With a touch of creativity and a little bit of hard work, you can make big changes to your kitchen. Even in small limited spaces, there are always things you can do to renovate and update your kitchen.

Top Creative Ideas for Kitchen Renovations

  • Add more storage. The kickplate at the bottom of most cabinets can be removed to make sliding drawers. This is a great place to store flatter things like cookie pans or cutting boards. It gets them out of more useful cupboards and takes advantage of dead space that already exists in your kitchen.
  • Lack of pantry space? Buy or build a pantry for canned goods or spices that slides in beside the refrigerator.
  • In need of more counter space? If your kitchen has the space for it, a kitchen island will give you more counter space, as well as storage space. Need a budget-friendly solution, a countertop can be installed onto a set of dresser drawers to give you multiple storage spaces and another place to prepare food.
  • Update your cabinet space by installing rails for your pots and pans so that they can hang neatly in the cabinet instead of being a stacked mess that is difficult to manage.
  • Another creative kitchen renovation idea helps take advantage of the space under the upper cabinets. You can add hidden fold out shelves here for knives or other items, as well as placing strips of lighting for space-specific lighting.
  • Use open shelving on the ends of cabinets to give yourself some added space in the kitchen.
  • Make use of space dividers in your drawers to better utilize the space currently in your kitchen.
  • Remove your cabinet doors to give your kitchen a more open, clean feel. Or if open cabinets are not for you, switch out your current doors for ones with glass inserts. Or change up your current ones by adding colourful inserts, or wallpaper of bright designs to them.
  • Utilise more of your cabinet space better by adding hooks to the inside of the doors to hang up measuring cups and spoons for easy access.


There are lots of creative kitchen renovation ideas that can completely update and change your kitchen’s functionality and appearance. For more creative ideas, or for the things you need to make these ideas a reality visit our team at Wonderful Kitchens and see what our creative staff can do. With years of happy customers let us help you make your ultimate creative kitchen a reality.

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