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Kitchen island benches are no longer considered an addition to the kitchen. They’ve become a regular design feature. Why? Because they’re so practical – extra storage, extra seating areas, extra space for appliances and food prep… an island bench can totally transform the flow and functionality of any kitchen.

The only thing that seems to vary between kitchens is the island bench size and appearance. This is a direct reflection of the amount of space, the design style of the room and the budget of the home-owner.

Here are 4 of the latest and most popular design features of today’s island benches.

The Eating Space

Many people nowadays use their island bench or even just one end of it, to replace the traditional kitchen table. And why not? – it saves space, saves buying extra furniture and is right there where the meals are prepared! As well as being intensely practical, ‘eating at the bench’ creates that casual mood that is relaxing for guests, family and cooks alike.

Food on timber table top

Kitchen island bench storage

The Storage Queen

Depending on your island bench size, you can use it to create a lot of extra storage space. Modern island benches often incorporate a mix of drawers, cupboards, open shelving and even wine bottle or cookbook storage. Some choose to use this space to incorporate appliances such as the dishwasher, stovetop or microwave. With some careful forethought and planning, a lot can fit into a relatively small area!

The Multi-level Bench

Using a multi-level design for your island bench can create a real feature. By varying the height of your bench surfaces, you will create extra storage as well as visual variation. A split-level counter-top also opens up opportunities for a splashback if your sink is set into the island bench, provides an extra casual meal serving area and can be used to create a measure of privacy in the kitchen zone.

Multi level kitchen island bench

Movable kitchen island bench

The Movable Kitchen Island Bench

Not everyone is blessed with a large, open-plan kitchen. And that’s exactly why some modern kitchen designs incorporate an island bench on wheels.  As well as increasing storage space and food prep area, it can be moved out of the way when not in use, opening up the kitchen to create a more free-flowing space. How convenient is that?!

At Wonderful Kitchens, we love kitchen island benches. With years of experience creating stunning and practical kitchens, we’ve become skilled at incorporating them into our designs. Our team of expert designers can help you design an island bench that will not only live up to your expectations but exceed them! Why not check out one of our amazing showrooms and see for yourself? Alternatively, call us today on 02 9772 2988 and let’s get this dream kitchen started with kitchen design Sydney!