Kitchen End Panels: How to Give your Kitchen the ‘Wow’ Factor

Kitchen end panels are a great way to spruce up your kitchen with minimal investment. Though often overlooked, kitchen panels can be the icing on the cake that gives your kitchen the “wow” factor!
One of the best things about installing end panels is that they don’t need to be done as part of a major remodel. If you feel like you need to make some changes but don’t want to start from scratch, end panels can be installed in an existing kitchen to give it a bit more life.

What are kitchen end panels?

End Panels are a great way to hide exposed cabinetry ends. When working with a typical kitchen design, you’ll notice that only the doors, drawers and top surfaces are coloured. The rest of the cabinet – also known as the carcass components (the bottom, back and sides) are constructed from carcass white board. Hence, the need for end panels, to create a more complete look.

White High-Moisture-Resistance Particleboard (HMR PB) is often used in kitchen cabinetry, alongside screw and dowel construction. This is an effective technique, resulting in a very strong and sturdy cabinet but it does leave visible screw holes on the sides of the carcass. Cabinetry which buts up against other cabinets or a wall aren’t an issue – however, this layout doesn’t always suit people’s needs or designs. 

Modern Kitchen Design and Renovation - end panels

Kitchen island end panels

Perhaps you have an open-plan layout or a run of cabinets. The bench may finish at a doorway or entrance, meaning concealing the ends against a wall isn’t an option. This leaves the cabinetry looking unfinished. In these cases, end panels are a great way of covering up the exposed area while adding style and flair to your home. End panels are often used to finish off a dishwasher, fridge or oven cavity, further supporting the kitchen’s ‘finished’ look. There’s no need to alter existing cabinetry when installing end panels but due to the fact that they’re made from the same material and are coloured to identically match the doors, drawers and top surfaces, kitchen end panels make a huge difference to the final effect.

How to choose the perfect end panels

End panels are created using actual cabinet doors, which are cut to size to suit your needs. This means you have a range of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect end panels for your kitchen. Perhaps you want something to match the colour and design of your cabinets so the edges blend in seamlessly with the rest of the space? Maybe you want to spice things up with a bold colour or a complimentary design? Luckily, there are a wide variety of end panels for you to choose from!

How to choose kitchen end panels

Painted or high gloss kitchens

If your kitchen cabinetry is either painted or high gloss, you’ll want to ensure that all exposed ends are covered by end panels, as the matt finish of the HMR PB will especially stand out in your kitchen.

Matt or low gloss kitchens

Kitchens with cabinetry feature low gloss or matt finishes are more likely to get away with not using end panels.

Create a seamless finish

End panels can really contribute to the overall feel of your kitchen. Matching them to your cabinet adds consistency and allows the edges to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the space. If you’re going for a cohesive, classic style such as the French Provincial Kitchen, end panels will ensure your space is complete and elegant with no unfinished edges in sight.

Provincial Kitchen Design and Renovation

Unique kitchen end panels

Mix things up!

As our kitchen end panels are made from cabinet doors, we can easily mix and match them to suit your design preferences. Although this may not be your first instinct, it can be exciting to vary things up in your kitchen by installing end panels that contrast or compliment your bench. For example, pairing a dark wood end panel with a white cabinet can give your kitchen a vintage, rustic feel.

Ready to give your kitchen that “wow” factor?

Kitchen end panels are a great way to give your kitchen the “wow” factor. At the end of the day, the choice really comes down to the design you’re going for in your home.

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