Kitchen Cupboards And Storage – Functional And Fashionable! 

>>>>Kitchen Cupboards And Storage – Functional And Fashionable! 

Kitchen Cupboards And Storage – Functional And Fashionable! 

The kitchen is arguably the central hub of most homes. And it is far more than just a place where meals are made. It’s where you chat over coffee, enjoy those special moments cooking with the kids, discuss menus and do one-hundred-and-one other little odd jobs!


Because it’s a space you spend so much time in, share with friends and want to enjoy, your kitchen needs to be both fashionable and functional.  The former is easy to achieve.  With your good taste and the skill of the team at Wonderful Kitchens, it really goes without saying.  But perhaps the emphasis really goes to the latter – regardless of how modern or beautiful your kitchen is, it MUST be functional.  If it is to meet the criteria of your household needs, it must be practical, easy and safe to work in and have adequate kitchen cupboards for storage.


Storage is one of the biggest things to consider when we talk about a functionality.  So consider these points when planning your new kitchen:

Can you create more space?

Maybe your old kitchen had very few overhead kitchen cupboards, or the cabinetry wasn’t full height.  If possible, why not add in some overhead cupboards. Or extend your cabinetry to the ceiling?  You’ll find a good use for any extra cupboard space…


Maximise the space you have

You may not be able to make more space, but you can make the most of every inch of what’s there.   Here are some examples: Corner cupboards (a known nightmare). These Can become organized and space efficient using a lazy susan rotating shelf system or pull-out drawers.  Additionally, with a custom built drawer system, the space under the kitchen sink can become a handy storage place for all your cleaning goods and wash-up brushes.


Drawers or cupboards?

Take time to carefully consider what you want here.  Would your needs be better served with drawers or kitchen cupboards?  Or a balance of both?  Also, If cupboards suit your taste better, but drawers suit your needs, well we have the solution for that too! Pull out drawers inside cupboards are an excellent way to store saucepans, appliances or food items!


There are loads of ways to maximise storage in your new kitchen and make it practical, functional and fashionable too!  What you need is the help of the professional team at Wonderful Kitchens – we can help you put it all into practice.  To make your dream kitchen a reality, call us today on 02 9772 2988 and let’s get started!






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