As this year winds up, we’re all trying to take a peek at what trends are about to emerge for 2018. And believe me, there are some exciting things happening backstage!  Kitchen designs and ideas are constantly evolving as consumer needs and taste change… so let’s take a sneak preview at what’s coming up…

In recent years, kitchen design awards have been given to designs that incorporate the perfect balance of luxury, indulgence and functionality.  And that trend will only get stronger, coming into 2018.  Because the kitchen is, in reality, the central hub of the modern day home, technology in the kitchen has to be up there with the best, yet space must be user-friendly and enjoyable.  So, what particular features are going to be emerging next year?


For a long time, we’ve thought ‘granite’ when it comes to stunning bench tops.  But watch this space… quartz is about to make its mark as one of the most popular countertop materials in 2018. It’s naturally beautiful, hard-wearing and requires less maintenance and upkeep than traditional granite.  And it isn’t only gorgeous as a counter-top material either – it’s perfect for coordinated splash backs too!

kitchen design awards

Open plan layouts

Let’s get to work and open up our kitchen spaces – open plan layouts are here to stay and will become more popular than ever.  Today’s homeowners are enjoying more informal dining, both with family and friends, so kitchen designs are evolving to facilitate that ‘easy going yet connected’ feel that combines luxury with functionality to create an easy, breezy entertaining experience.

Bring on the Brass

Yes, it’s back and in a bigger, bolder way than ever before!  Everyone knows that chrome and satin never go out of date, but nevertheless, brass tap-ware and handles are making a real comeback. And you may have noticed rose gold here and there as well?  That’s right – it’s becoming more popular too…

Top notch appliances

We’re always looking for faster, quicker and more innovative ways to prepare and store food in the kitchen.  And the quest for better, more efficient and more practical appliances won’t slow down during 2018.  The good news is that state-of-the-art appliances don’t have to dominate your kitchen space anymore.  In fact, it’s becoming more common to integrate them into the cabinetry or store small ones neatly away in appliance cupboards.

kitchen design awards


Colour is everywhere – and not only in the spring gardens outside.  In the kitchen, soft, muted colour palettes no longer rule supreme.  We’re seeing more coloured appliances and cabinetry and brightly patterned tiles are all making their mark.  This trend and become more popular as we move into next year.

At Wonderful Kitchens, we’re excited about the kitchen trends of 2018 and we’re right up there with the latest award-winning kitchen designs.  Contact us today on 02 9772 2988 to discuss your new kitchen and make your dream become a reality.