Innovative Designs For Your Dream Kitchen

>>>>Innovative Designs For Your Dream Kitchen

Innovative Designs For Your Dream Kitchen

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined a kitchen where there’s no clunky doors, no slamming drawers… where everything closes smoothly and opens with a touch?  A kitchen that makes the best use of every square inch of space?  Blum: when your dream kitchen is a dream come true.

At Wonderful Kitchens, we love Blum products.  And if you want a kitchen that’s big on practicality as well as style, they’re the way to go.  With an innovative solution for every challenge, Blum takes your kitchen from great to amazing!

Super Storage

One of the keys to a great kitchen is maximizing storage.  You simply can’t have too much storage  – physical space is generally the limiting factor.  What we need are ingenious ways to make the most of every inch of available space.


  • Corner cupboards are one of those annoying necessities that tend to become junk collectors because they are difficult to access.  Blum has a solution.  The Space Corner has been specifically designed to help you organize this hard-to-reach space and keep your utensils, foodstuffs or kitchenware orderly and within reach.  Dividers for cutlery or containers make for neat and practical access.


  • The under sink cupboard – another space that’s often largely wasted.  But not with Blum. Innovative under-sink drawers make storing your wash-up brushes, soap and other cleaning items a breeze!  And waste disposal can also be made so simple and hygienic with the Blum bin system – a drawer that neatly fits your rubbish and recycle


  • Many of us simply don’t have room for a large pantry cupboard, so maximizing space is a must. The Space Tower pantry unit combines excellent storage capacity with ultimate practicality – access from three sides, flexible dividers for holding foodstuffs and full visibility.


Drawers and Doors


When it comes to soft-close door and draw systems, Blum takes the cake.  Nobody’s dream kitchen includes cupboards that slam, so soft-close isn’t an option.  It’s a must.

The Movento drawer runner system operates with feather-light glide and can take a load capacity of 40 – 60kg!

If concealed runners are your style, that’s no problem either – the Tandem range is the ideal solution.  Perfect glide combined with a load capacity of 30kg makes this one a foolproof option.

Tip-On Blumotion

Let’s ratchet the style up a bit and take your new kitchen beyond your wildest dreams with Tip-on Blumotion.  This combines the magic of mechanical opening (drawers and cupboards that open on touch) with the ultimate soft-close system.  Now that’s what you call amazing: luxury at your fingertips!


We could keep you here for hours discussing the entire range of Blum products!  But why not phone us today on 02 9772 2988 or call into the Wonderful Kitchens showroom and take a look for yourself? Our staff can help you make your dreams come true.


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