How Important Is Lighting In Your Kitchen?

>>>>How Important Is Lighting In Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most utilized and traveled through rooms in many homes. Choosing appropriate kitchen lighting is essential to its overall functionality, comfort and feeling.  The concept of designing and implementing suitable kitchen lighting doesn’t need to be challenging. These days, there are so many options available to a homeowner, giving their kitchen an individual touch while maximizing functionality.

Don’t be limited by old thinking

There are many places to fix lighting aside from traditional fixtures in the roof.  Have you ever considered under cabinet lighting to create additional ambiance for a well-lit kitchen?  It makes a kitchen look complete, illuminates the room and makes food preparation and cooking a snap.  Lately, LED lighting has become common due to its cool hues and the long life of the bulbs.  Under cabinet lighting is easy to install and there are several different variations available, depends on the design of your kitchen.

Kitchen LightingConsult a designer 

By consulting with a kitchen designer from Wonderful Kitchens, it’s easy to choose the right layout for your new lighting.  By planning your lighting to suit your kitchen, you will significantly enhance its appearance. Not only that but create a beautiful bright atmosphere that will add to your home’s value. And amaze your family and visitors.

If you’re remodeling or designing a kitchen from scratch, it’s absolutely essential to consider lighting early on.  Give thought to where you’ll place it, what kind of lights you’ll use and how the lighting will fit in with the rest of your kitchens layout.  You’ll have to consider if you want your lights to be ambient lighting, decorative lighting or accent lighting.  They all offer differing benefits so it’s good to be familiar with each style of lighting and the benefits they offer.  This will give you a stunning result as your kitchen comes together and save you time and headaches as your kitchen project progresses.

Consider mood lighting

Ambient lights have been the most common kind of kitchen lighting fixtures for some time now.  The low intensity lighting created by ambient lights emits a soft glow that blankets the space without causing a harsh glare.  Ambient lighting will make your kitchen seem welcoming and homely.  It is ideal if you are trying to create a relaxed atmosphere.

At the other end of the spectrum is accent lighting. Accent lighting is a very concentrated light that serves the function of drawing your attention to a focal point.  This is ideal if you are seeking to add drama and style to your kitchen.  Accent lighting is idea for highlight artworks or furniture, while shadowing dull areas.  Used intelligently, accent lighting can completely change the appearance of your kitchen at night and in low lighting situations.
By researching the different lighting options available to you and selecting the type that is most applicable to your daily needs, you will enjoy the illusion of increased space and be impressed by the increased comfort and feel of your kitchen.  No matter what your budget, Wonderful Kitchens can help you incorporate the perfect lighting into your kitchen design! Contact us today to talk to one of our expert and friendly designers.


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