Our 4 Part Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 3

>>>>Our 4 Part Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 3

How to update your existing kitchen without breaking the bank – Our top tips!


A kitchen refresh doesn’t need to cost you the earth but it can be a way to give your home a totally new feel. There’s no reason for you to live with dark and dreary when there are beautiful and easy ways you can quickly refresh your kitchen space.  However, if you do have the budget for a more extensive refresh you may think, “Should I hire a kitchen designer?”

The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!!”

Any significant works you want to do within your kitchen space will benefit from having a kitchen designer.

They know the latest in design, technology and the best renovation kitchen hacks. They can suggest things you would have never thought of! Below are some of the ways we’ve come up with to refresh your kitchen on any budget.


Add some art in your kitchen. Find a favourite print or family snap and frame it. Hang it on your fresh walls and an unloved section of your kitchen comes to life.

should i hire a kitchen designer?


These can be inedible or edible. Having a hanging wall of herbs in your kitchen can be very practical. If you don’t have the wall space how about your windowsill?

Putting a large potted plant in an empty corner not only brightens your space its leaves create wall art.

Light Fixtures

 Lighting isn’t as costly as it used to be. Why not change out a group of fixtures at a time? Add a wall sconce to a particularly empty wall or really splurge and buy a chandelier for the dining table.

Pendant Lighting for the island bench is a common design feature in many modern homes. Choosing the right fixture(s) will set the tone for your kitchen.


should i hire a kitchen designer?

Most kitchens have a limited amount of wall space due to cabinetry and appliances. This means that a fresh coat of paint in your favourite hue will only put you back a few bucks! Choose a colour that will flow with the rest of your home well. Don’t forget in those smaller separate kitchens darker colours can help the room look larger so be brave. Paint isn’t hard to change and if it’s a true disaster you can take care of it quickly.

Don’t forget about your ceiling! It doesn’t have to stay white you know.

If your budget will stretch to it, why not consider painting your kitchen cabinets? Be careful to follow all preparation recommendations from the paint manufacturers.

Bring in Pattern

Pattern is a game-changer for a kitchen refresh! Wallpaper, colourful rugs and tiles are a few ways to bring pattern into your design. Depending on your budget you could choose just one or all of these ideas.

If you choose to use multiple patterns don’t forget to tie them together by either style or colour.


As you can see there are plenty of ideas for your next kitchen refresh! Whether your budget calls for a complete renovation or simply a fresh coat of paint. At Wonderful Kitchens, we can help you decide on what will work best for your space.






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