Choosing handles for your kitchen cupboards can be a big task. You may have already spent a lot of time and creative energy on so many other things! It’s easy to neglect this aspect of design and get overwhelmed by other tasks – but don’t get distracted! Hardware is the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen and will add lots of life to the space.

To help out, we’ve put together our top tips to choosing the best handles for kitchen cupboards.

Decide if you want a knob or a pull

Rules don’t apply here! You can choose to have all knobs, all pulls or a mixture of both.

One preference is to have knobs for doors and pulls for drawers. If you have a large pantry door or pull-out doors, it tends to be more comfortable to use a pull.

Comfort and convenience will most likely your decisions for your kitchen cupboards hardware.

For example, opening a drawer using a pull allows:

  • Added comfort, as you can use your whole hand instead of just a couple of fingers
  • The drawer moving smoothly
  • Your hand having better grip, especially if the drawer is particularly heavy

You can also choose to stick to either all knobs or all pulls. The use of all knobs was a fad in older kitchens before the variety we have today. Despite this, pulls are not only for the contemporary! Either style can blend into any kitchen design for a timeless look.

opening kitchen drawer

curved kitchen drawer handles

Pick square or curved

Look at the materials you’ve chosen for your kitchen. Are they squarer, more contemporary, with right angles all over? Or do they have more feminine, curved lines that combine the modern and traditional? Lighting fixtures, cabinet style and even your countertop could weigh into considerations here.

If you have shaker style kitchen cupboards or flat panels you may want to stick with a squarer and flatter look.

Curved cabinet styles could include:

  • Traditional raised panel doors
  • Pillow topped doors
  • Beads on the inside or outside of profiles

For these kitchen cupboards, a softer looking curved pull would suit.

Think about the finish

The hardware for your kitchen cupboards is the jewellery for your kitchen. It helps to bring the whole look together.

It doesn’t need to match the other hardware in your kitchen, but it should complement it. Find a company that will allow you to order samples. Look at them next to each other and decide if they’re complimentary or not.

There are so many options we have today that were simply not available even a few years ago.

round kitchen drawer handles

opening kitchen cupboard

Consider the Comfort

Try before you buy.

Touching and holding the pull may help you to decide which one is the winner. Does it fit your hand? Does the pull have enough space for at least four of your fingers to fit through? Are there any uncomfortable ridges or pointy edges?

You will be opening your kitchen cupboards and drawers thousands of times. The pulls should be super comfortable to use and pretty too.

Then there’s budget

It’s true that you get what you pay for. Usually, the less expensive an item is, the cheaper the finish. As a result, you may find your kitchen looks and feels as though it hasn’t been completed properly.

Rather than shopping a large commercial store, try your local plumbing or cabinet showrooms. They will have much better variety and salespeople on hand to help make your decision.

Pricing varies, so know your budget before you shop and do your research!

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