Here’s Our Guide To Choosing Between Drawers And Cupboards

>>>>Here’s Our Guide To Choosing Between Drawers And Cupboards

So, you’re renovating your kitchen. As one of the busiest rooms in your house, it’s imperative to plan ahead, so you can operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible within the space. One of the best ways to do this is by organising your storage. Having a designated location for your items means you’ll never have to worry about rummaging through miscellaneous drawers amidst your busy meal preparation time. The most common and efficient forms of storage are kitchen cupboards and kitchen drawers. But what are the pros and cons of each, and how do you choose between them?


Have a design vision

Start by looking at the overall design of your kitchen. This will help you along when deciding between cupboards and drawers. Are you interested in overhead cupboards? Do you want clean, spacious walls? Perhaps you prefer hanging your pots rather than packing them into cupboards and drawers.

If you prefer a space without overhead cupboards, then drawers are a much better option. They allow you to pack in more items than cupboards do, meaning they’ll take up less space in your kitchen overall. They also offer a sleek, modern design that suits most kitchen layouts, whereas cupboards suit an older, country-style design.


Look at what you’re storing

The next thing to look at when deciding between kitchen drawers and cupboards is what you’re storing. Drawers are great for stacking plates, bowls, and small appliances. Cupboards, on the other hand, offer a simple storage solution for larger appliances that may be too tall or heavy to fit in standard sized drawers. However, drawers can be customised to fit these items where necessary.

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Weigh up the pros and cons

Sometimes making a simple pro and cons list based on your individual needs is the best way to make a decision. Factors to consider include:

Cost: In general, cupboards are more cost-effective than drawers. They have fewer components to install, consisting of only a single board rather than the full rail system needed in drawers

Durability: Cupboards tend to be more durable than drawers in the long run. While the hinges may need a bit of maintenance every once in a while, they’re cheaper and easier to fix than rails, which can become sticky over time.

Organization: Drawers are much easier to organise and access than cupboards. Dividers can be inserted to neatly arrange your items, and having a designated space for everything will make things much more efficient on a daily basis. Cupboards are much less accessible, as it’s easy to lose items at the very back and have things topple over as you rummage around.

Space: As drawers allow you to access the entire storage area, you’ll be able to fit in more items overall. This ensures that there is no wasted space, and you’re able to access all your belongings easily.


Planning storage is an essential part of your kitchen renovation. If you’d like more advice on whether kitchen cupboards and kitchen drawers are right for you, reach out to us at Wonderful Kitchens on 02 9772 2988 and one of our team members will be happy to help.




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