Combining French Provincial Style With Modern Elements

>>>>>>Combining French Provincial Style With Modern Elements

Combining French Provincial Style With Modern Elements

Traditional charm; modern conveniences; classic beauty; everyday living… you guessed: it’s the modern French Provincial kitchen!  Elegance, style, and functionality all perfectly blended into one beautiful, practical and enjoyable room.

At Wonderful Kitchens, we love infusing modern kitchen ideas into the traditional French Provincial style.  Our highly skilled designers are pros at creating that classic look, yet with the everyday conveniences that our busy lives require.

Features of the french provincial kitchen

As a rule of thumb, French Provincial kitchens tend to be large, open and designed for the chef. That’s why they’re oh-so-practical for modern family life – there’s room enough for mum to cook up a storm while the children to sit and chat or do homework.  And come to entertaining time, there’s ample room for yourself and your willing helpers to work without stepping on each other’s feet!  In general, the kitchen is recognized as the ‘hub of the home’ – the area where we eat, relax, entertain friends and share precious moments with our children and loved ones.  And that’s why it needs to be so practical.
modern kitchen ideas

One of the main features of this style of kitchen is the regular use of large, floor-standing ovens.  Of course the modern versions of these old-fashioned beauties are electric or gas powered rather than wood-fired. However, the classic chimney breast feature can be used to house today’s built-in range hood!  Modern convenience; traditional design!
Modern tiles can be used to replicate the traditional, organic feel of the French country farmhouse. Today’s ceramic and stone are not only beautiful but hard-wearing and easy to clean – features that are essential for a busy lifestyle.

Traditionally, cabinetry in these kitchens would’ve been wooden.  Nowadays, with such a range of laminated cabinetry, we can achieve the same look, minus the upkeep!  Still gorgeous and unique, but easier to maintain.

Does the style allow for storage?

Can a kitchen ever have too much storage space?  One of the greatest things about the French Provincial style is that it utilizes every spare inch of space to maximize storage area. Cupboards, draws, baskets, shelves… overhead, under-bench… it’s all there!  And all so intensely practical! Ornaments and authentic articles are commonly displayed on open shelves, so that also solves the problem of where to keep that antique china dinner set that you’ve inherited…!


modern kitchen ideas

There are so many ways to blend modern conveniences into the traditional French Provincial style.  The team at Wonderful Kitchens specializes in blending modern kitchen ideas with classic beauty. We love to create kitchens that are super practical and suited to family life.  Call us today on 02 9772 2988 and discuss your new kitchen today – we’ve got solutions for every budget, home, and taste!


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