If you’re looking for a style to add to your kitchen to create a space with heart, warmth and character, farmhouse style could be right up your alley.

Farmhouse style is full of clean, stylish and warm-hearted design. There are a few ways you can easily add farmhouse style to your kitchen without going all out kitsch. A few kitschy items can give you just the right amount of corny to be sentimental or ironic and really add to your farmhouse style.

Just beware of overusing kitschy items as too many can cause an undesirable reaction from your guests. The plan for a farmhouse style kitchen is to create a space for gathering, conversation and warm feelings. Too much kitsch can have the opposite affect.

Farmhouse Style Lights in Kitchen
Farmhouse Style Lights for Kitchen
Kitchen Farmhouse Style Lights

Farmhouse Style In Eight Easy Steps

Use Reclaimed Wood or Barn Board

Using reclaimed wood for shelves or even a piece of furniture made from barn board brings an element of “old” into a new kitchen. The wood tones bring a warm glow to a space full of hard edges. Barn board can even be used as a wall treatment for your feature wall.

Exposed Beams

If you’re renovating your kitchen and want to really bring in farmhouse style a great idea can be to leave your beams exposed. Farmhouses were originally built with lofts and mezzanine floors, which resulted in beams being left open to the room. If you have the budget and inclination beams can bring more wood tones and even space to your kitchen drawing the eye upward.

Vintage Elements

There are a few ways to add vintage to your farmhouse style. Vintage light fixtures rewired to suit modern electrical and old hand-me-down pieces of furniture that can be reused or repurposed can add to your design. Perhaps even some old artwork or pictures of ancestors can bring that feel to the kitchen.

Apron Sink

A sure fire way to go farmhouse is to get an apron sink. Not only do they look amazing and suit the style, they look incredible.

Slip Covers

If your dining table is open to your kitchen or there is space for a sofa you may want to consider slipcovers. They’ll not only bring warmth to hard surfaces and give you the opportunity for more patterns in your space they’re practical too.

Wicker or Rattan

This piece of design could range from a wicker chair to a pair of rattan or wicker baskets, try not to use too much or your kitchen could end up looking like an 80’s TV show beach set design.

Weathered Finishes

When adding pieces to your kitchen design try not to add anything too shiny or new looking. Pieces that look as though they’ve seen a bit more life fit better into the farmhouse style.

Why Is Farmhouse Style So Popular?

Farmhouse Style should be a combination of a lot of different elements. Bring nature into the mix and look as if it’s been collected over time. The key is – don’t rush! Peruse, meander and collect.

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