If You Can Dream It – We Can Design It!

>>>>If You Can Dream It – We Can Design It!

If You Can Dream It – We Can Design It!

The great thing about renovating your kitchen is there are no rules.  No rights or wrongs.  It’s your space, so it’s your choice.  Whether your style is modern, traditional, provincial or contemporary, it’s all up to you!  Your dream and your kitchen, for your family!


So, let’s start at the drawing board.  Whether you’re planning a makeover or building a new home from scratch, your kitchen is, without argument, one of the most important areas of your home. That’s why it deserves a lot of planning, careful forethought and the as much of your budget as you can possibly spare.  Remember, this is more than just a food prep area: today’s kitchens have become a socializing hub, eating zone and general relaxation space.  Nowadays, in many families, both dad and mum take their share in cooking too, so your kitchen needs to be big enough for more than one worker.


Interior kitchen design is exciting!  And for many of us, it’s a journey of a lifetime.  But before you lose yourself in the world of choices (cabinetry, benchtop, flooring…) enlist the help of a professional.  Sometimes we tend to have a lot of good ideas but we aren’t quite sure how to make them all work!  The designers at Wonderful Kitchens know how to turn your ideas into reality and create a kitchen that goes beyond your expectations in both functionality and style.  All those pictures you’ve cut out of magazines, those idea books you’ve created on Houzz and Pinterest… bring them along!  We’ll help you take it from dreams to reality!

The Work Triangle

This is a time-honored concept and one that you need to keep in mind.  When planning your interior kitchen design, the first and most important thing to consider is functionality and efficiency.  The kitchen work triangle is the principle of designing a kitchen that’s big on practicality: in short, the idea is that you should be able to draw a triangle between the three main work stations – the sink, the fridge and the stove-top.  Of course, the distance between these three points is also important – you don’t want to be walking miles every day because your kitchen is too big to be practical!


interior kitchen design

At Wonderful Kitchens, our team of designers is very familiar with functional kitchen layouts, and we believe in bringing this age-old theory bang up to date.  We take each kitchen and set of circumstances into consideration to create a kitchen that is unique and perfect for each client: does the kitchen need more than one sink?  How many appliances need to be included in the kitchen?  Where should the bins be positioned in relation to the food prep stations? Is there a need for an eating table/bench?  Is the user disabled or are any other special provisions that need to be made?


Let’s get the ball rolling: your dreams can become reality by calling us today on (02) 9772 2988. Chat with one of our staff about your new kitchen or visit our showrooms for more information and ideas.


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