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Does a kitchen need a window?

Apartments and terrace houses often feature windowless rooms. If your kitchen does not have windows, there are  lot of design ideas to help you brighten up the room. It is time to step out of the dark, hidden and cramped kitchen and into a light and airy space!

Windows provide natural light and airflow, increasing the appearance of space, providing good visibility, fresh air and temperature control. If it is possible to add windows or to replace a small window with a larger one as part of your new kitchen design or renovation, then read on for some great ideas!

Do kitchens need windows?

small kitchen window

Adding or Replacing Kitchen Windows

A large window above a kitchen sink can certainly make an unpleasant task more enjoyable. A window provides a view and allows warm natural light to fill the kitchen while you wash up. Consider casement windows which are large and feature a full opening motion from the side hinges. With this kind of window, you can easily direct the breeze from outside the way you want. If you have the space, bay and bow windows provide a panoramic view of the exterior and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Tricks for Small Kitchen Windows

If you have small windows that cannot be replaced, there are a few tips for making the most of the light they offer.

  • Avoid heavy curtains and instead, install light-coloured blinds that have minimal impact when fully retracted. The heavier the blind or curtain, the smaller the appearance of the window.
  • Low windows can appear larger if a sheer white curtain is hung closer to the ceiling, giving the window a taller appearance.
  • Keep your windows clean. Dirty windows will restrict the amount of light that enters the room.

Look through some of our kitchen designs where we’ve utilised ways to create warm and inviting spaces with limited natural lighting such as open plan kitchens:

Kitchen Without a Window?

Install a Skylight in Your Kitchen

Since most of our artificial lighting is positioned overhead, why not do the same with natural light? A skylight provides a flood of sunlight across your benchtops and will improve the beauty and functionality of the kitchen. Can you imagine preparing meals while basking in the warmth of the natural sun? Perhaps consider installing a roof window – a skylight that opens. Not only will you benefit from the natural light, but you will pull fresh air into the kitchen. In fact, rooftop ventilation can improve the livability of the kitchen by improving airflow and controlling temperature.

Open Up Your Kitchen

If it’s possible, open up your kitchen by removing a wall and making use of an adjacent space like a dining or living room. You can also create a pass-through by having a builder remove part of an internal kitchen wall. This allow light from the adjacent room to enter the kitchen, and allows you to interact with family or guests.

Add a skylight to a kitchen with no window

Ways to bring light into your kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas

If you have as kitchen without a window, there are lots of ways to lighten up the space!

  • Install white cupboards, benchtops and splashbacks
  • Use reflective surfaces like glass, high-gloss laminate, stainless steel and high-gloss tiles
  • Keep your colour consistent and use a low-contrast colour scheme
  • Keep the kitchen streamlined with handle-less doors and horizontal lines
  • Install lots of overhead lighting that directs light onto the benchtops and other reflective surfaces
  • Add LED strip lights underneath overhead cupboards
  • Install clever storage with internal lighting
  • Minimise clutter on the benchtops!
  • Engage a kitchen designer to create the perfect kitchen layout

Wonderful Kitchens can help you create your dream kitchen today. Contact us today to speak with one of our kitchen designs or visit our kitchen gallery for more ideas.