Cutting Edge Kitchen Trends – This Seasons Design and Colours

>>>>Cutting Edge Kitchen Trends – This Seasons Design and Colours

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Choosing to follow kitchen trends can be a minefield.  The last thing that anybody wants is an expensive kitchen that ages quickly, simply because they followed a trend.  To avoid this, Wonderful Kitchens is right there with you to identify trends that add value to your life and your home – trends that are useful and will make your life easier.
Here are this seasons kitchen trends that are not only popular now, but they also have staying power.  They offer the best value and incredible convenience.  2017 is the year of smart design and these clever trends will ensure you enjoy your new kitchen for years to come.

Mixed Materials 

Mixing kitchen materials to create a custom look is the ideal way to add depth, impact and visual texture to your kitchen.  Just be sure to follow the simple formula of having one dominant material to act as the “star of the show” and confine the other finishes to supporting roles.  By doing this your kitchen will look stylish without being tacky.

I’m Dreaming of a White Kitchen

It’s hard to believe, but white kitchens are still soaring in popularity and are often a homeowner’s first choice.  White portrays a smart, sophisticated and clean look, acting as a single palette which gives you the freedom to highlight your individual style.  You can incorporate various textures and shades of white to give your kitchen that extra visual punch.  A white kitchen will bounce light off surfaces unlike a dark kitchen, giving the impression and grandeur of increased size and space.

Opt For New Functionality

As opposed to kitchens of the past, open concept kitchens are the new kids on the (house) block.  Gone are the small, cramped kitchens that are difficult to work in and entertain guests. Nowadays, every inch counts!  Apart from considering the basic layout of the kitchen, a kitchen designer can find innovative ways to find space. Fridges can be sunken with a flat and flush finish to free up space.  Cabinets can double as counter top lighting.  Pull-out shelving can be added to your pantry to give you extra storage spaceContact the professionals at Wonderful Kitchens to find out how the latest kitchen trends can make your life easier.

The Kitchen Of Tomorrow

You have a smart phone and chances are that smart home technology is making its way into your life.  Now we have smart appliances and Wi-Fi technology that talk to one another to give you the ultimate luxury of added free time.  Would you like a kitchen that keeps an eye on your fridge and creates a weekly shopping list?  How about a dry washing machine to save on your water bills and help the environment?  Smart kitchen technology is developing at an incredible pace.

These are just a handful of the latest in kitchen trends for 2017.  To be amazed by the most state-of-the-art technology and style, talk to the friendly experts at Wonderful Kitchens.  They will work with you one-on-one to design a kitchen perfectly suited to your needs!



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