Create A Practical Living Space- With A Little Bit Of Lux

>>>>Create A Practical Living Space- With A Little Bit Of Lux

Create A Practical Living Space- With A Little Bit Of Lux

If you want to feel the pulse of the household, spend some time in the kitchen.  It’s the hub of the home!  Cooking, eating, socializing, homeworking, relaxing…. it all happens right here!  This is where birthday cakes are given the finishing touches, baby’s first veges are blended and late-night snacks are prepared.  In short, it’s where memories are made!


A room that’s so central to the heart of the home deserves to be something special:  it needs to be intensely practical, but with a touch of elegance and beauty.  Every kitchen should be a luxury kitchen.


Luxury Kitchen

What is a ‘Luxury Kitchen’?

Most of us tend to think of luxury kitchens as elaborate sprawling expanses of marble and carved wooden corbels. With ‘everything that opens and shuts’ – a dream way beyond the average home owner’s budget. To the contrary, we believe that a luxury kitchen is one that has a been designed with your family and lifestyle in mind: one that just makes life that little bit easier for you.  As a rule, a good proportion of the time and many of the tasks performed in the kitchen aren’t exactly most people’s idea of thrilling fun. So, any added extra that makes kitchen chores easier and more enjoyable is really a touch of luxury!

How can you add that extra level of beauty and functionality to your kitchen without spending a fortune?



Let’s face reality: the benchtop is probably the most thrashed surface in the kitchen.  And that’s why it pays to have a good one.  #1 stone benchtops: where elegance and practicality meet!  Stone benchtops are both hard-wearing and beautiful, always in fashion and easy to maintain.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to solid granite or marble, re-constituted stone is an excellent choice. It’s classy, durable and available in a wide range of colors.


Luxury Kitchen


Lighting is generally the unsung hero in kitchen design: it can make or break the whole room. There are some pretty cool lighting options out there on the market now, so, there’s really no excuse for a dingy kitchen.  Ensure that your kitchen area is well lit and add an extra level of sophistication with some beautiful pendant or wall lights.  For that cozy, welcoming ambiance, a beautiful lamp might just do the trick!


Added Extras

There are a host of gadgets and added extras that can make your kitchen more functional and more efficient.  Consider installing a revolving tray system in those awkward corner cupboards, spice and condiment racks to the pantry doors or a filter tap for drinking water.  Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what would make your life easier.


A Space to Chill Out

Many kitchens nowadays include a space where friends and family can relax over a cuppa.  Be it a breakfast bar, a corner with a couch, space for a kitchen table or a doorway out onto an open deck, a place to kick back and enjoy company is a real luxury!  Take your chill-out space up a notch by adding in some beautiful cushions, a gorgeous tablecloth or a floor mat.


At Wonderful Kitchens, we love creating luxury kitchens.  Call us today on 02 9772 2988 and chat to our staff about how we can make your dream kitchen come true.


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