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Kitchen Benchtop Colours – A Buyers Guide

Designing your kitchen means you can be creative with colour, but for the inexperienced, it can be genuinely intimidating too.  Trying to determine what colour kitchen benchtops will match with the rest of your new kitchen can be the stuff of nightmares!  Major elements of your kitchen don’t have to precisely mirror each other, but they should at least blend and coordinate.  Let’s take a look at some design basics that will transform your kitchen from drab to fab!

Kitchen Benchtop Colours 

Matching Coloured Benchtops

If you want your kitchen to have a seamless and stunning flow, the perfect option is to use matching colours. The result will be a gorgeous, continuous flow which will make your kitchen appear smooth and well-balanced.  Different kitchen colours such as beige, brown, grey and cream generally match with bench top materials such as neutral coloured granite.  For a classic combination consider black subway tiles in a traditional running pattern with black benchtops.

Matching Coloured Benchtops

Neutral Colour Benchtops

Unless you are completely confident choosing colours, it can be easiest to select neutral tones that will potentially match with everything.  Neutral benchtop tones will allow more colour to be freely added to your kitchen by painting walls, adding art or by the use of vibrantly coloured accessories. Look through a few of the beautiful neutral colours we offer.

Bold & Granite Coloured Benchtops

If playing safe isn’t your style, your kitchen can be used to make a real statement in your home.  Some of the latest fashion colours for kitchens are energetic, vibrant and exciting. Bold contrasts can be used as a major design element and feature. Have a look at some of the bold granite benchtop colours and pattern options we offer.


Contrasting Colour Benchtops

Contrasting Colour Benchtops

When deciding what colour benchtops will best suit your lifestyle, you may decide on a visually striking kitchen interior.  You could consider choosing a kitchen benchtop colour that contrasts with your kitchen. This option is optimal if you have a great splashback design or a graphic you love and you decide to go for a statement feature. Ensure you consider other design elements of your kitchen such as your flooring and cabinets and choose a colour that coordinates with your whole kitchen design. If you choose a bold colour for your walls, you’ll want to go for a more neutral and subtle kitchen bench top material and vice versa, to ensure the designs don’t clash. 

Coordinating Coloured Benchtops

Perhaps you may be considering using a concoction of colours but want to opt for similar patterns or shades.  In this instance you could choose a colour that matches with a specific tone of your benchtop to give the elements of your kitchen a cohesive feel.  For example, use a soft grey colour paired with a charcoal granite bench or a warm coloured tile paired with a beige marble kitchen bench top. A fantastic tip that we recommend is to hold your chosen paint samples against your desired kitchen bench top and then choose the most appealing colours.

Coordinating Coloured Benchtops

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