Characteristics of a modern kitchen design

>>>>Characteristics of a modern kitchen design

Characteristics of a modern kitchen design

Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchens should be designed to increase functionality and available space, and to define the home owners’ individuality.

Kitchen design is driven by a number of decisions.

Would you prefer a modern kitchen design or a French provincial kitchen design?

Both modern and provincial kitchens integrate contemporary kitchen design and functionality, but their styling is particular. A modern kitchen offers streamlined and minimalist styling with clean lines, open spaces and highly-functional post-industrial materials combined with natural timber and stone. Provincial kitchens exude an opulence and sophistication, featuring carved wooden cabinetry, elegant tapware and glass-fronted display cabinets.

Provincial KitchensModern Designer Kitchens

What is the best kitchen layout for you?

Once you have decided on your kitchen styling, consider how you use your kitchen and allow this to determine your kitchen layout. A functional kitchen allows free and unhindered movement between work areas, like the oven and sink. If you like to socialise or spend time with the family in the kitchen, an island bench is a great idea! If you have a small kitchen, a kitchen designer can make the most of the space using clever storage ideas and effective positioning of large appliances.

What cabinetry and design materials best complement your home?

Your cabinetry, benchtops and splashbacks will be determined by your overall kitchen styling; modern or provincial. They will also be determined by your personal taste, budget and kitchen use. If you are an avid cook, then durable scratch-resistant and heat-resistant materials, like stainless steel and stone, will be important. Soft-close doors and accessible cupboard space is great for busy families. Colour and texture is also an important consideration. Perhaps you appreciate soft muted tones and natural materials for a warm feel. An industrial-style kitchen with stainless steel benchtops, glass splashbacks and open shelving is great for that “commercial kitchen” feel. Alternatively, European-styling with gold tapware, carved cabinetry, rich granite or marble benchtops and ornate lighting will create an opulent and luxurious feel. If you prefer an eclectic style, then combining various materials in unique ways and using bold patterns and colours will capture your creativity!

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen designs ensure that the cultural and creative norms are pushed and are ever growing. Modern kitchens use of beautiful engineered surfaces, glamorous concrete and steel products that give the kitchen an extreme, horizontal and bold look. Below are signature characteristics of a modern kitchen design.

Space and lighting

Modern kitchen designs ensure that the light and space are maximised with the use of reflective materials and cleverly designed kitchen storage solutions.

Kitchen Cabinets and Benchtops

Cabinets and benchtops have clear lines and no raised edges. Their frameless design gives a sleek finish to the kitchen. The cabinets have a horizontal line which is magnified by the cabinet hardware extending the full length of drawers and doors. The cabinets have a curved corner which give a streamlined look and offer a reassuring safety to the kitchen user.

Modern Kitchen Layouts

Modern kitchen designs have open floor plans stretching the entire length of the kitchen layout. They also have distinct zone divisions which are subtly defined and have a single monochromatic colour. Minimalism and streamlined features also give these kitchens a simple but elegant look.

Modern Kitchen Doors

Modern kitchen doors have a flat panel design that give a horizontal and simple line. This increases the appearance of space and offers an uncluttered look.

The Beauty of a Modern Kitchen Design

A lack of ornamentation does not mean that modern kitchens cannot look beautiful. Their beauty and texture is defined by making use of natural features like marble benchtops, untreated concrete walls, horizontal grained timbered and stone-like tiles.

Modern kitchen designs are glamorous and celebrate advancements in material engineering, creativity and skill. They are ideal if you want to subtly divide your kitchen and give it a confident, sleek look. Wonderful Kitchens have been offering beautiful modern kitchen designs in Sydney for over 30 years. They have maintained high quality service provision and customer satisfaction from their experienced and highly trained kitchen designers and site supervisors.

View our Modern Kitchen Designs Gallery for some great ideas!


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