Characteristics of a modern kitchen design

>>>>Characteristics of a modern kitchen design

Characteristics of a modern kitchen design

People design kitchens to define individuality and increase functionality of their kitchen with the available space. There are some various factors that determine the choice of your kitchen design. A brand new kitchen is a bit more flexible in design and implementation but if it is for your current kitchen you need to decide on what aspects to retain or remove or even demolish before you even start to select your design options. In selecting your desired design, you should ensure that the design does not interfere with the day-to-day kitchen operations by providing ample space. You should also ensure that you settle on a kitchen design that best describes your creative statement. Other aspects that control the selection of your kitchen design include the design type and size of cabinetry that you would want to have in your kitchen, the design type and material used on the counter tops, the and the design type and material used on the kitchen floor. The last and final factor to consider is whether you want a contemporary or modern kitchen design. Contemporary and modern are terms used interchangeable but represent different design aspects and qualities. For now we shall only discuss about the qualities of a modern kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchen designs ensure that the cultural and creative norms are pushed and are ever growing. It does this with the use of beautiful engineered surfaces, glamorous concrete and steel products that give the kitchen an extreme, horizontal and bold look. Below are signature characteristics of a modern kitchen design.

Space and lighting; the design principle in modern kitchen designs ensures that the light and space are maximised by use of reflective material and creating numerous storage spaces.

The cabinets; cabinets and counters have clear lines and no raised edges. Their frameless nature gives a sleek finish to the kitchen. The cabinets have a horizontal line which is magnified by the cabinet hardware equating the full length of drawers and doors. The cabinets have a curved corner which give a streamlined look and offer a reassuring safety to the kitchen user.

The layout plan; the kitchens have open floor plans stretching in the whole kitchen layout. They also have distinct zone divisions which are subtly defined and have a single monochromatic colour. Absence of patterns also goes a long way in giving these kitchens a simple but elegant look.

The doors; the doors have a flat panel design. Beauty definition; modern kitchens lack ornamentation.

This lack of ornamentation is not to mean that these kitchens cannot look beautiful. Their beauty and texture is defined by making use of natural material characteristics such as the natural beauty of the marble, a natural and untreated concrete wall or the horizontal grain from timber and tiles.

To summarise, modern kitchen designs are glamorous and celebrate advancements in material engineering, creativity and skill. They are ideal if you want to subtly divide your kitchen and give it a confident, sleek look. Wonderful kitchens have been offering beautiful modern kitchen designs in Sydney for over 30 years. They have maintained high quality service provision and customer satisfaction from their experienced and highly trained kitchen designers and site supervisors.

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