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In modern kitchen designs, there has been a shift towards concealing appliances behind cabinetry. This leads to the kitchen design appearing sleek, clean and beautifully finished. Installing a hidden range hood is one of the most popular ways of achieving this slick look within your kitchen.

Why are hidden range hoods so popular?

Style, functionality and integration are some of the most popular trends in modern kitchens. The field of kitchen design is a great place to observe interior design fashions as they come and go, and right now we’re seeing more and more people swinging towards ‘hidden’ or integrated range hoods. While the range hood remains an integral part of kitchen functionality, many people are choosing to conceal their range hoods inside cabinetry. What are the main reasons behind this choice?

Hidden Range Hood
Hidden range hood

What is the purpose of a range hood?

As we know, stove-top cooking can produce some strong (and mouthwatering) odours which can linger in the house for a long time after the meal has been eaten and the dishes have been cleaned up. The range hood is an extraction system and is essential to remove these smells, oil, steam and smoke that escape into the air. Having a range hood is a simple way to keep the air in the kitchen circulating and clean.

Why have a hidden / concealed range hood?

Your range hood doesn’t have to be on show for it to work! In fact, many of today’s best kitchens have their range hoods tucked neatly out of sight behind clean lines of cabinetry.

Why you might consider switching to a hidden or concealed range hood

Achieving a Minimalist Design

Streamlined design, smooth surfaces, and no handles are all key features of minimalist kitchen design. It calls for clean lines of cabinetry, so a hidden range hood is perfect!

Concealing the range hood into the cabinetry means that there is no visual disturbance, which can make the area feel bigger and less cluttered. This is especially important if the kitchen is on the smaller side.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Using hidden range hoods in classic kitchen design

Hidden range hoods can also work beautifully in a more classic kitchen design. In fact, hidden range hoods have been part of traditional designs for a long time!

You may notice when looking at traditional styles, that many of the best kitchens feature ornate and highly decorative custom cabinetry. As a result, hidden range hoods are a great choice so as not to distract from these beautiful finishes.

Classic Kitchen Design

Can I conceal a canopy range hood?

A canopy range hood has a large, somewhat looming presence in a kitchen. Many people choose this type of range hood to compliment the style of their kitchen, especially if they’re after a more industrial design. Others, however, may prefer to conceal their canopy range hood. This may be the case for those who choose to position their cook-top on an island bench – it provides an open and intimate feel to the kitchen because friends and family can gather around while the meal is being prepared. Custom cabinetry can be built to enclose your extraction system, allowing you to enjoy your free-and-easy kitchen design without having this appliance on show.

Canopy range hood

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